Missing Square Puzzle + Solution

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Try solving the following puzzle before looking at the solution!

Missing Square Puzzle

Can you solve for x?

When you rearrange the pieces in this triangle, you get the missing square. Can you figure out why?

Source: https://mes.fm/puzzles/missing-square-puzzle

Missing_Square_Animation Bigger.gif


Although this puzzle looks like a glitch in the matrix, this is actually an optical illusion. The triangles have slightly different slopes that can't easily be detected by the human eye. The smaller blue triangle has a bigger slope than the bigger red triangle. This means that when it is placed on the bottom, there will be a missing area present, in this case an additional square. You can see this more clearly by exaggerating the slopes!

You can learn more about this puzzle here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missing_square_puzzle
This website allows you to play around with the triangle pieces yourself: https://mathigon.org/task/currys-paradox

Source: https://mes.fm/puzzles/missing-square-puzzle/solution

Missing Square Solution.jpeg

New Puzzle: Can You Solve for n?

This is a good puzzle to test your pattern recognition and algebra skills. Can you solve for n?

Hint: Try to get it in the form of a quadratic equation.

Source: https://mes.fm/puzzles/can-you-solve-for-n

Solve for n.png

I will share the solution here next month!

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My eyes gave me the answer, but I didn't have the words.

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