🌡#ClimateChange "97% Consensus" Part 1: Reviewing Cook et al 2013 Paper

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In this video I go over part 1 of a small series on #ClimateChange that I will covering, which looks at the famous May 2013 paper by John Cook et al (i.e. and others) that has popularized the “97% consensus” of climate scientists that global warming is real and mostly human caused. This paper is very widespread and even has had many tweets of endorsement by former president of the United States Barack Obama which helped the paper have over 600,000 downloads thus far. In this video I go over a review of the methodology and the results of the paper, and tie it in to the BIG picture of hidden technology, false flag staged terror, and the dangers of obsessing over consensus.

The Cook et al paper involves two phases. The first phase involved reviewing 11,944 abstracts (not whole papers) of papers that were related to climate change for any phrases, sentences, or partial sentences that in some way endorsed/assumed the position of Anthropogenic (or human caused) Global Warming (AGW) as well as for any endorse/assumed the position that GW was mostly (i.e. more than half) due to humans. The results of this phase showed that the majority of the papers had no position (66.4%) but of the 33.6% that had a position, the famous figure of 97.1% “endorsed” AGW.

The second phase of the study involved 1189 authors self-rating their whole papers (not just the abstract). The papers involved had a similar abstract-rating results as in the first phase to compare with any possible differences with the self-rating. The results of the second phase showed that 35.5% had no position (thus authors were more likely to view their papers as endorsing AGW than the abstract reviewers) and of the 64.5% with a position 97.2% endorsed AGW.

I will be analyzing the data used by the paper in Part 2 of this video series so stay tuned for that!

This entire study is not climate science, in my opinion, but appears an exercise in the Psychology of Group-Think and Group-Dynamics, with the intended goal of influencing the consensus and direction of future papers, as well as gain acceptance of the public for climate policy and taxation.

But the BIG picture of the whole Climate Change “Debate” is that whether it is real or not, there may already be solutions that move us away from fossil fuels, and there are bigger problems we face than the climate changing. The biggest example of this is the top-secret directed #FreeEnergy technology that were almost certainly used during the 9/11, as proved by the work of Dr. Judy Wood, and in my ongoing #911Truth video series. The assumption that “Muslim terrorists” were responsible for the attacks, as well as the “consensus” that Iraq had WMDs has led to untold number of deaths, suffering, and burning of fossil fuels. Thus obsessing over consensus is very dangerous and can lead to some catastrophic consequences.

Whether AGW is happening or not, the solution likely exists already through hidden technology, environmental pollution can be greatly reduced if we do all that we can to prevent wars, and wars being orchestrated by powerful colluding entities raises the question of whether AGW is also orchestrated…

Stay tune for Part 2 as I analyze the data used by Cook et al!

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Free energy discovery doesn't mean it is actually practically appropriate to current world, the kabbalah were hidden millennia before it was wise to "show it".