Magnetic Locking Just By Rotating Magnets

in MES Science2 years ago

This is a remarkable finding which I had not previously known was possible! I had first come across this when I was sent two experiments uploaded to the PhysicsHack Instagram account: Experiment 1 & Experiment 2. This phenomenon involves the stable magnetic locking/levitation of a magnet through the rapid rotation of another magnet.

Later on, the popular YouTube channels Action Lab and Magnetic Games caught on to this remarkable discovery.

Furthermore, the researcher Hamdi Ucar has produced a very extensive report exploring many experiments and various computer models of the resulting physics. Links to his paper are shown below.

Full text:
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MES local PDF download:!As32ynv0LoaIiN4F3pnhGqVVUlJzOA?e=qXvzid

Hamdi also shows that a rotating magnet can behave in much the same way as a near-frictionless super-conducting magnet when in the presence of other magnets.

This is some truly epic stuff!