Great Demonstration of Tensegrity: Floating Compression Structures

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This is a great video by the Steve Mould YouTube channel going over the structural principle of Tensegrity or "floating compression". This concept involves building seemingly impossible structures that have their compression members separated from each other, thus creating an illusion of a floating structure. This is made possible with wires in tension providing the necessary balancing support. The illusion is thus that the thin tension members appear as being compressed. This is a quite unique design concept and even allows for engineering shock-proof packaging to prevent the payload from getting damaged. Awesome stuff!


I love what the guy said it the end about front loading new learning experiences with experts and people experience in whatever field.

The video was neat to watch. My Rigger buddies from work would love this kind of math and structure.

Pretty neat. I was wondering the whole time how this is used in nanotechnology😄