Functions that are NOT Differentiable

in MES Science15 days ago

In this video I go over the 3 types of functions that are not differentiable. Those types are functions that have sharp corners, discontinuities, and infinite slopes.

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Functions that are NOT Differentiable

Functions that are not differentiable.jpeg

Types of Functions that are not differentiable




Yeah, and there are also functions everywhere continous and nowhere differentiable. But their graphs are very complicated to draw


There are also functions everywhere differentiable but not monotone on ANY interval (a, b). They are even strangest.

Multivariate functions can be differentiable in Frechet sense but not in Gatoux sense.

And there are complex functions which are differentiable in weaker Real sense but not in stronger Complex sense.

Analysis is full of beautiful things.

Wow amazing graph and concepts! The chart looks like a typical cryptocurrency day haha