Can You Solve for n? Puzzle + Solution

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Try solving the following puzzle before looking at the solution!

Can You Solve for n?

This is a good puzzle to test your pattern recognition and algebra skills. Can you solve for n?

Hint: Try to get it in the form of a quadratic equation.


Solve for n.png


The first step in solving this is to recognize that we can get this equation in quadratic form by writing (n2)n = (nn)2. Then we let x = nn and complete the square and solving for x. Replacing x with nn and solving for n we get n = 1.

The puzzle was taken from the following website, which includes using natural log in the solution instead of 11/n = 1 in my solution:


Solve for n Solution.png

New Puzzle: Missing Cards Riddle

This is a good riddle to test your card dealing skills. Do you know how many cards are missing?


Dealing Cards Riddle.jpeg

I will share the solution here next month!

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The above puzzles were taken from my website and republished on the Hive blockchain.

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