Buoyancy - What is Archimedes' Principle and its Proof

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In this video I explain a very useful topic in Water Mechanics which is used throughout much of engineering, Buoyancy. In around 200-300 BC Archimedes formulated and showed that any object in a fluid has a buoyant force that tries to keep up floating upwards and that force was equal to the weight of the displaced volume of fluid due to the object. This is known as Archimedes' Principle and I show an easy to follow proof and example of how to use it through force equilibrium or free body diagrams.

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Buoyancy – Archimedes' Principle







What depth (h) will a 70 kg person on a 330 kg rectangular boat go down when placed in the ocean?

The boat is 1 meter tall and 3 meters wide.







Unless the Buoyant force is a woman, then no one can tell you what it is lol

haha true true. That would truly be a mystery 😂

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