Introduction to 3D Coordinate Systems

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In this video I provide an introduction to 3D or Three-Dimensional Coordinate Systems. This section is the first part of the chapter on Vectors and the Geometry of Space from my calculus book. A 3D coordinate system is typically defined with the x-, y-, and z-axes in which the direction of the z-axis is determined by the Right-Hand Rule. Visualizing 3D geometry is often easy to use by considering the analogy of a house with 8 rooms (4 on top and 4 on the bottom) and all being in contact with the center point. In the context of 3D- coordinate systems, the 8 rooms are called octants, and the center point is the origin. I illustrate this by plotting several points in 3D. And finally I describe mathematical terms for all real numbers in a rectangular 3D coordinate system, and which is referred to as a Dimensional Rectangular Coordinate System.

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

  • Introduction to Vectors and the Geometry of Space: 0:00
  • Three-Dimensional Coordinate Systems: 1:30
    • Right-Hand Rule: 3:08
    • Octants: 5:00
    • Point P in 3D Space: 7:16
    • Plotting Points Examples: 13:22
  • Dimensional Rectangular Coordinate System: 17:57

This video was taken from my earlier video listed below:

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I always loved the subject of drawing, I could rotate the fins in my head, but when it came to mathematical calculations in the coordinate system, I hated it, I'm happy for people who like to do it :)

haha yeah, it takes practice to train the mind to correlate 3D space with symbolical mathematical language!

 14 days ago (edited)

This video was taken from my earlier video listed below: