Amazing Slow Motion Look Into How a Plasma 3D TV Works


This is another epic super slow motion tutorial by the famous The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel. This time they look at how a Plasma 3D TV works. A plasma display uses small cells containing plasma (ionized gas) that responds to electric fields. Plasma TVs are self-emissive (they don't need a backlight) and involve many high frequency pulses that are seen by the human eye as one continuous image. 3D TVs involve several techniques to convey depth perception. In this case, the 3D Plasma TV involves displaying an image from one perspective and then to the second perspective and back and forth. This then requires the use of 3D glasses which literally "blink" by allowing the correct perspective into one eye while blocking light from entering the other eye, and then switching up just in time for the next perspective to the other eye. All this at 120 switches per second! This is some pretty fascinating stuff, especially seeing the different perspectives and rapid flickering all in super slow motion!