Amazing and Unique Experiments with Plasma Balls

in MES Science11 months ago

This is another great video by the famous The King of Random YouTube channel and this time they play around with plasma balls and see what random ways they can experiment with them. A plasma ball involves high voltage electricity being fed into a sphere that is filled with noble or low reacting gases. This dynamic of noble gases and high voltage electricity creates an amazing display of electric lines which interact with the surrounding glass sphere, outside air, and even to human touch. Amazingly enough, a fluorescent light bulb lights up when it is near with the plasma ball, or when a person is touching both the ball and the bulb. Note that fluorescence involves absorbing electromagnetic radiation, in this case ultraviolet (UV) light from the plasma ball, and emitting visible light through the bulb.

Other experiments involved removing the noble gases and seeing effects in a near vacuum, as well as increasing the electric voltage and current supplied to get the amazing display shown below!


Time to get me a plasma ball...