80-year-old Kaplansky's Conjecture is broken by Giles Gardam

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There are known 3 Kaplansky Conjecture related with group rings KG for K - a field and G - torsion-free group.

  1. KG does not contain nontrivial units (with support consisting of more than 1 element)

  2. KG does not contain nonzero idempotents

3 KG does not contain nonzero zero divisors

Giles Gardam disproved the first one, here is online talk when he revealed that fact:

Here is more soft for non-mathematicians article about it

And here is his full paper:

When I attended course in Group rings last year with Professor Zbigniew Marciniak, he stated these conjectures as very very nice and important.
A few weeks ago at Algebra seminar I gave a talk in which I proved Connell's Theorem stating that KG is prime iff G is torsion-free group (theorem from 1963).

I like that he disproved conjecture by giving concrete counterexample.

Best wishes.