NeedleWorkMonday Tease challenge- The Reveal!!!!!

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Hello needle partners, hope everyone is doing well and we all had a blissful weekend!

Last Monday I tried a tease with an attire I saw somewhere and was obsessed with.
Thanks for all the support and comments received.

Today I'll be sharing the reveal of what the outcome was!


So this is how the jumpsuit came out and I used it for an evening outing yesterday.
Here's is how I did the manipulation!!


I measured and cut the down part of the suit in a trouser format.

I went ahead to get the half cut for the back and front. Here I decided to cut with sleeve at first as in a bubu but later decided to make it a sleeveless with a flared Cape so I had to get the armhole.

I got a lycra lining and cut at the same length and same then attached it to the material to cover up the transparency.


I did the same for the down part though halfway just to cover the undies (you don't wanna wear a cloth and your pant colour is showing 🤪). I join the crouch for the front and back leaving a little space for the zipper at the back part then gave them for weaving then attached the pockets.


I attached the front half cut to the front pant then attached the back half cut to the back pant then attached the zipper, after joining the front and back shoulder together I went ahead to turn in the armhole since it's a sleeveless to avoid rough edges. Then i attached the Cape from zip point at the back round to the front then to the other zip point then I shaped the dress from top to bottom to give a fitted look.


Thanks for reading!!!!


Thanks NeedleWorkMonday founder and partners for bringing about the challenge, it was awesome participating.


Oh so pretty! I love how it turned out, that's a amazing! :D You're a really talented designer and seamstress.


OMG with lining, pockets and a ruffle (cape) at the yoke, this is a real masterpiece! ANd it fits you like a glove and accentuates your lovely figure. I totally get why you were obsessed with this dress and its a wonder for me, that you made it only after seeing it once on another woman. WOW!
(And absolute by chance I some minutes ago read, that flared trousers will be “the thing” next season)

Thanks! The picture reflected in my head repeatedly when I was cutting and sewing

Beautiful it fits you well.


You look beautiful! beautiful casual panties, the colors and the design are beautiful!


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Wow @soniabasil this outfit is so beautiful! As everyone has stated it fits you so well, you look great!

I love the pocket design and the ruffles at the top! This is definitely a job well done. Props to you for making what you saw without a pattern, just wow!!


You’re welcome ~

It's pretty! Welldone


Well done! It looks stylish and comfortable. !BBH


Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work


Te quedó muy hermoso, me encanta que tenga bolsillos. Saludos!


Nothing more satisfying than wearing good clothes made by ourselves. This suit is beautiful and it fits you very well ❤️.


wow.... this is so amazing. This dress looks so sweet on you. I love it when i see creativity in action. keep it up and be at your best dear.... You are beautiful and i love it. thanks for sharing.


Very good work, creative and practical...congratulations!


The outfit looks really stylish and you look really good in it! I love how soft the fabric is. I like that you made lining as well :) What a success!