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Hello Needle Work Monday Community.
Here is a post about making dryer balls for the use in drying machines.

Start with wool roving or any form of wool that you can get. I am using wool loosely spun for Cowichan sweaters. Which are a traditional Canadian type of knit sweater.
Relatively firmly wound ball of wool about the size of a tennis ball And then keep wrapping more wool around said ball to the desired size of bigger then a tennis ball.
Use felting needles secured in a handle to penetrate the wool from all angles repeating this process over and over till the ball starts to shrink and come together.
I added some scrap wool colours I had laying around for some fun effects.
Added a few more wraps and keep on felting the heck out of the balls till they really shrunk and came together to the point where they held form under pressure.
Why not add some more colour to identify each ball.
Using Essential Oils on the balls is always nice. You can use the different coloured balls to help identify what fragrant is used.
The wisps of the wool can be seen below.
The three together ready for what every wetness comes there way.

After the first dryer cycle the balls came out looking as such.


I decided to stick it with more felting needles as the ball held but lessened up after the first cycle. This is common in the process so not to worry. Do make sure to felt the balls enough so they do not break up in the dryer making a big mess and a lot of lint.


After the second load and more felting is needed to make sure the balls stayed intact. They really came together producing good results.
Adding oils to these balls make them worth making keeping and using as they can help reduce the use of one time throwaway dryer sheets that come with chemical scents.

Thanks for clicking into my post about Dryer Balls.
Let me know in the comments if you have experience with, using, making, or other ideas you may have about dryer balls.


😆 nice

Thanks. Do you use this type of item?

Nooo I just like the look and the shape of it 😁

Yes they are lovely shape you should feel how they feel. thanks for the up vote.

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