3D Print Timelapse: Bullseye Duct Re-Print

in Science & Technology11 months ago

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So I printed some upgrade for my Ender 3 Pro recently. One of those was a Bullseye duct.
This allows for better airflow and it aims the air directly to the nozzle.

I initially printed at 0.28mm Layer height because I didn't think quality would matter. It does.
I also printed with 60% infill thinking it wouldn't need to be very sturdy since it's just an air duct. This was fuck up number 2.

The print came out looking decent but the mout immediately broke off. Out came the superglue. About 7 different times.
I was frustrated so I rigged it and have been using it for the past couple days.

Time to reprint that bad boy. New settings:

0.2mm layer height, 100% infill. 6 walls.

Much better print, and much more sturdy. Me likes.

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