The increasing rate of insecurity in my country has caused the up sale of closed monitoring cameras (CCTV), working in an Extra Low Voltage company has actually broaden my knowledge about the craft.
When I go on surveys or provide a solution I am very confident with my expertise, and how it’s gonna work.

Most times I go on surveys and I already know all the equipment that’s need if there is an issue I know where the problem is coming from. So day I and my colleague had a survey for a CCTV revamp at one of our client’s on the island, so we decided to go with the company’s pool car. She just passed the driving test and she decided to give it a trial on a less busy route just to see if she can catch up and also handle the wheels on a major road.

Will for that adventure I was the tutor, we left the office a minute pass 12 for a journey that should not take us up for 30mins we ended up using an hour. We got abused my other motor users because of the speed she was traveling, I totally understand that she was been careful. Coming to a stop was one of the challenge, because she driving with an automatic car you just have two pedals.


The first pedals shares but the brake and the clutch, while the other one is the accelerator or some people call it gas pedal. So when she drives instead of her hitting on the brake pedal slightly in other to reduce the speed, she hits it with all her strength making the car jerk if not because of the seat belt across me I would have flew out the window.
We drove this way to the clients place, on arrival parking was a problem, one thing about driving is that you are a good driver if you know how to park well.

We managed the situation we highlighted from the car, went straight to the reception then requested for our contact person.
The scope of work was simple to revamp the existing analogue cameras to internet protocol cameras with colorVu technology.
ColorVu technology is a technology that’s imbedded in the camera that’s enables it to capture images even at night and render them as colored just like when the sun is up.
Which happens to be what’s trending now, I have never installed one before the technical know how wasn’t that clear to me.

The building was already existing cable pathways will be very difficult to create because they will be a lot of civil works and it will disfigure the building. The only solution around this is to make use of surface cabling which is quite cheaper when you talk about cost. I had a walk through around the facility with the client representative, I discovered some blind spots and also the client wants to add extra points to the existing ones present on site.


I had a quick review at their equipments at the server room and also if any of them needs to be replacement.After all my findings we departed site and returned back to the office.