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The last couple days I've been working on my Solar eBike and the Linux Pinephone a viewer gifted me.


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Nice video again, i like the idea of Linux phone, however i still think we dont need them for anything....old nokia 3310 does the job on all levels...:)

In Lak'ech!

How is a Linux phone different than using the computer you're typing your comment from?

There is not much difference, thats why i said i like idea of Linux phone, however i still think that any sort of smart phone/mobile phone is surveillance device, that is not really needed for day to day stays at home, and that the only place its located...and there is a place in our life for tech, but at the same time the tech is not our life......

In Lak'ech brother!

They can track you on your Nokia more than they can track my Linux phone.

So the only true difference is you prefer not to carry the convenience of a computer with you so you don't overindulge?

A bit distressing, but an important warning.

Wow! Impressed with the Pinephone and the camera, mic, 4G kill switches and its modularity and of course the solar bike.

Thanks for your advice on keeping some precious metals on hand too. I have a hardware wallet with some Bitcoin at the moment; no metals (yet)

I've started collecting a bit of silver as well as copper and brass. I'm hoping that when the banks shut down, it negates my mortgage payments. It's gotta go both ways, banks.

Love the whole solar bike idea though what about night? Do we have a battery system to get us through night?