Went for a walk, found a monster..... Can you help me identify it??

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I suffered a small muscle tare a few weeks ago, you know the joys of running during middle age.... Well its taken a lot longer to recover than originally thought, so now i spend my lunch-time walking rather than jogging.

So while the weather holds out, i ventured out for a quick 30min walk.


You dont expect to come across something this big and green just casually crossing the footpath. Ive never come across onenof these before, so of course rather than "googleing" it to makensurenit wasnt poisonous first, i was straight in and picking it up.

After taking a few snaps, i took the caterpillar to a safe loaction on the other side of the path ans letnot go in the bushes.


Feeling happy with my good deed for the day, i walked back to work to try and discover what kindnof caterpillar i had found and what it was going to pupaet in to.

My first thought was it had to be some kind of Moth, as its far too late in the year for and butterfly....


After digging through some photos on google, the bwst guess i could get to was this "Poplar Hawk moth". Although theyre not particularly rare, this is the first time ive ever come across one in my 40+yrs.

So whats your thoughts?? Have i identified it correctly?


"Hmmm, coods be a tomatee w'rm....dobber things! (Och hoo Ahh looves beech trees! Nae mony in Elgol!)" 😊 -Keptin

That looks pretty good to me. I have only ever found one of those hawk moths.

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