Summer watch 2021 - new additions to the welshstacker family.

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I fancy a change a to my normal daily blogs, where i try and relate commemorative coins to events that have happened on this day throughout history. So on a completely different tangent, here are our new babies:


So this first picture was taken on the 3rd of July. We already knew what these chicks were going to grow in to as qe had been watching "mamma bird" build her nest for a week previously.

Luckily our new little brood were 3 from 3,as all the little eggs hatched successfully and qere growing strong.


In no time at all, those 3 little pink, bald, blind baby birds had turned in to far fatter and healthier chicks. In fact, it was only the 9th of july, just 6 days befween forst and second photo.

Do we have any keen ornithologists here who can identify them yet?

Both mum and dad bird can be seen making several trips per hour to keep these well fed. They seem to be doing a fantastic job, as all 3 are growing at a similar rate.


Then yesterday we got these fledgings..... my guess is, by the weekend, ill be finsing 3 little flightless birds flapping around the garden. Next job on my list is to make a dog-proof pen around thier bush/home to make sure they all survive.

So has any one worked out what species of bird they are yet? Ill give you a clue.... "it burns down below"!!


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It was very nice to see the progress, I generally think that at 3 months they are ready to feed properly!