Saying good-bye to the old year as sunset says good-bye to the day

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So, here we are. At the end of the year again. And I can say I am more than happy to say good-bye to it. Maybe even Maple agrees (a dog I randomly met along with his owner, while taking pictures of the sunset and had a nice chat with).


So what can I say about 2021? Huh, I could write a book about it. Maybe one day I will. Saying it's been a difficult year, is obviously an understatement. Massive understatement.

The whole year has been hard for several different reasons, the obvious is one that these days you can't openly talk about, because well, unfortunately it's created a different world. A world where people are divided. A world where people are fighting with each other, instead of stepping together and fighting together for what is their birth right - freedom! Freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom to do what you want with your life. It has been taken away from us, slowly but surely. Quietly but intensely.

And no, I haven't lost hope. Not at all. There is a reason why good vs. evil is written in such a way that good is written first. Why? Because good always wins, as simple as that. Good positive energy is way more powerful than bad/evil energy. So no matter how much you are struggling these days, always remember that we must keep going. Do what is right for you.


For me the year has also been challenging after the biggest breakdown in my life happened and I spent most of the year working on my self-development, inner healing, learning about myself and changing behaviours that were keeping me stuck from finding happiness and joy without being affected by the outside. I've lost some people, but I've also met some people. I've travelled more, I've experienced more and I've learned more.


I heard that this year is especially important to start with something new. The energy for new fresh start is on our side. So I am finally taking the courage to start with my business that I've been wanting to do since the beginning of the year. I am nearly done with my website and I will begin offering my services soon enough. Perfect time so that can be my New Year's resolution. To work on building myself up more and my business. Business that involves helping people more often than not. And whoever knows me, knows that when I set my mind up to something, I go in fully, intensely and will keep going no matter what.
Challenges come all the time but it's how you adapt to them and how you work around them it's what matters. If something doesn't work straight away, try a different approach.

For me one thing is for certain. I will always stay true to myself, to my beliefs and I will always be fighting for that. For the good, for peace and for humanity in everyone.

The past week has been perfect for sunset pictures so here are a few more to represent the end of the year.






As I know many of you are right now freezing and throwing snow balls at each other, we on the other hand are experiencing a bit of a heatwave. Tomorrow is expected to be around 37 °C (HOT!!) which means the night should be beautiful for New Year's.

Are you doing anything special for New Year's this year? How was 2021 for you ? I'd love to see your views on it and either way I am wishing everybody all the best in 2022.

As the old is nearly gone, new beginning is here. As these cute baby ducklings can represent rebirth - I trust that something greater is ahead of us.


Thanks for watching, see you next time Hive tribe!



Some fantastic sunset photos there, will be interesting to see what 2022 brings. Have you looked into or heard about Human Design?

Thanks mate! Wow, surprisingly I have never heard of Human Design which is weird cause I explore a lot of things like this but it never seems to be mentioned or just not advertised enough. Really awesome, thanks for the heads up, I am looking into it as we speak :) so true, we learn something new every day :D

Awesome. I find it very interesting. I'm a 6/2 Emotional Manifestor and @consciouscat is a 2/4 Emotional Projector.

I am Manifesting Generator and from what I've read so far its pretty spot on :D my dad bought me full astrological report last year and it all made sense to me too, very detailed , I might order a full report on human design too. Very curious to read about these things hey

There lots of stuff you can research for free. I like the basics, just knowing my design and trying to live it. @consciouscat uses it a lot in her business. instagram @humandesignbasics

Yea for sure, I will search and explore. Really great to know that, thank you :)

What a beautiful post,@wanderingkat! Both the pictures and the writing are great. Your words are inspiring, because as you comment you went through a strong existential crisis during 2021, and yet you had the fortitude to move forward and set new goals, which in turn have fed back into your desires for growth and well-being. The year 2021 has been complex, fateful, but there is something very certain, it has allowed us to learn and also to know ourselves. I hope that your goals can be achieved soon.

Happy holidays and happy new year 2022. Best regards.

Love your comment @sirenahippie , wonderful words and couldn't agree more. The year has got us to learn more about ourselves and open our eyes on a lot of things, as they say the great awakening is happening and it's a start of a new beginning. Thank you for your input and have a fantastic year full of positivity and great moments. Enjoy your holidays!

I won't miss that year too. Have a great 2022.

Thank you, same to you. All the best!


Thank you :)

We appreciate your work and your publication has been hand selected by the geography curation team on behalf of the Amazing Nature Community. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much, I appreciate the support and will definitely keep it up :) Happy New Year, wishing you and the team all the best in 2022