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Hello guys
Today I will again try to share some photos of several types of insects that I found when I was hunting in one of the gardens near my house

Fortunately in the garden there are several plants so that many insects every afternoon play on the leaves, and I have found some of them a few days ago, the first is a small butterfly which has a brown base color and has beauty on the fine hairs. its so beautiful, i have taken a few shots




the wings have a dark brown pattern that makes this insect look more beautiful



These insects are included in the species Potanthus omaha, then on another part of the leaf i also found is an insect playing with some wild leaves there, i have also taken some shots




This insect is included in the insect species Walang sangit, I also saw other small insects, at first I thought it was a fly, but after I looked closer it turned out that it wasn't a fly, but an insect that was almost like a fly, small in size and very big eyes, this insect is included in the species Eristalinus





those are the three types of insects that I can share with all my friends today, I hope you like some of the shots that I share this time.

CameraPoco x3 Pro
LocationAceh, Indonesia
CategoryMacro photography

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thanks for sharing
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