Green Sea Turtles eating Jellyfish - video

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It was such a cool experiance to swim along side these green sea turtles while they cruised along eating comb jellyfish.

We did a day trip out to Lady Musgrave Island from 1770 in Queensland Australia.

Lady Musgrave island is at the south of the Great Barrier Reef and is full of sea life.

Seeing turtles at the reef is always an awesome experiance! and I have never seen turtles hunt jellyfish before.
These comb jellyfish don't have any stingers and are like a snack to the turtles.

I filmed this on my Yi 4k action camera.
Music by my friend Brendan Prince.

I hope you enjoy the video :)

Happy travels

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Awesoms! Until now, I never thought about what sea turtles eat.. this was very cute! They look like their eating wine grapes

Yeah I never thought about it either, and this was the first time I have seen them eat anything. Normally the Turtles just swim away when I get to close.

This time they were like "fuck off! I got the munchies like a MF"

So cool seeing the turtles eating as they swim along!... They kinda remind me of Pacman !LOLZ

Haha yeah definitely paceman like or Homer Simpson eating the donuts in space 😂

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Awesome thank you very much 😊

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Thank you 🙌

Wow that would have been magical O_O how hard was it not to pat? XD

I was about to ask about the jellyfish, good thing I read and sometimes things stick XD

It sure was a great experience!
I Realy wanted to touch one, but the oil in our skin is no good for the Turtles shell.

Hello @vcclothing!

nice video!
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