Huntsman spider in our bathroom.

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Living in Queensland Australia it's very common to find a new house mate in your house by surprise.

Especially huntsman spiders.


This guy was just chilling in our shower for the past two days, and every shower I had I would tell him "please don't jump on me" haha


I thought it was time to evict him and tried to move him towards the window so he could leave. But this turned out alot harder then I thought....


As I chased him across the wall I thought I would give him a break and set up my tripod to get a couple of photos of him.


I eventually got him to the window and then the last second he decided to jump back into the bathroom. This ordeal lasted about half an hour of in and out of the bathroom, until he seen an opportunity as one of the sink cupboard draws was open and decided to make a run for the cupboard.

So I guess this is where he lives now.


He better be pulling his weight and catch alot of bugs for us.

This huntsman was just smaller then my hand. But they can grow up to 15 cm legspan which is very big!
And good thing is their venom isn't harmful to humans. So we can coexist together.


None the less it was fun to try and get a photo of this guy 😊


What a creep, hanging out in the shower. 🕷👀😂

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I find it very beautiful, as long as it doesn't rush towards me :))

Haha yes they are beautiful from a distance.

A cute one. I like them as long as they’re not in the bedroom. 😁

Found a shot from one we had in our living room. Just finished lunch


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Yeah the bedroom is a no go zone for these guys haha

I encountered a couple of those, suddenly, when I was in Tasmania. lol

Haha yeah they like to pop out all of a sudden. They can give you a good fright 😂

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Awesome thank you very much 🙌