Seaspiracy- Why you should watch it

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Hello readers,

Not quite my usual subject but I thought I'd write a post about this as it turns out it is more important than most people realise.

Do you know what goes on in our oceans?

Do you care?

I'm no "tree hugger" either but this documentary really caught my attention and the reason I'm posting/making a fuss about it is because if you haven't already, you should watch it!

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Good question, what's it about? Well if you've seen Blue Planet then you'd know that that series has a few episodes on "saving the reefs and oceans" and David Attenborough does a good job telling us what a mess of the ocean we've made over the years.

But this...this is brutal and gets straight to the point.

At first you think it's about whale hunting. That in itself is interesting enough and straight away Japan is targeted as the main culprit which is to be expected.

But there are much deeper and darker secrets that have not been revealed untill now and the guy who set off on this jouney literally puts his life on the line to discover the truth.

Those of us that are at least half awake know that the Goverments cover things up, but this just throws it right in your face and leaves you feeling almost helpless.

Another thing I like about this programme is the facts, the evidence and the science behind it. There's no one blocking roads or tying themselves to trucks like those climate change idiots.
In fact climate change is now proven to be after effects of what happens in our oceans.

No, none of that. Just one guy who wants to make a difference.

It's quite incredible really.

Why am I posting?

Simply to spread awareness of what's going on. I feel there's more value to helping spread important information which could potentially make a big difference to our future. There is however a sacrafice..

*The end message of the documentary is this:

** "stop eating fish".**

Am I going to preach to everyone not to eat fish?


Am I going to stop eating fish all together? Probably not. But If I were eating alot (which I don't anyway) I'd certainly cut down on it.

I will leave the decision to you but what I will say is watch it. The more people that know about this, the more that can be done to save our oceans.

They are more important than you ever realised.