Neighbor's flower garden

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I didn't realize that actually there are many things that inspire when viewed longer than what entertains me, I never think of anything while walking and visiting a place even more naturally and immediately as long as I'm there, I really think that just my mind messed up with something unintentionally by me.

A small garden that is always well maintained, I stop for a while to get some fresh air when I go out for a while, the roses grow together and are close to the gardens that are usually planted with flowers, a good neighbor gives me a long time to relax in the garden their flower garden.

I walked from several corners of the garden and found many roses that were in bloom, moreover it had just rained I saw a lot of very good flowers from the neighbor's garden next door. Maybe I thought it was a public garden to visit but the next door neighbor owns a rose garden.


I collected some beautiful stems and bloomed after the rain, the frost disappeared quickly, I took a short walk to see a lot of butterflies flying on some flowers, it was very interesting and I had to linger there.

I have time to walk as long as I want, this is a beautiful rose garden I think, lots of small animals roaming around, butterflies are the most numerous animals and really caught my attention at that time.






I think this is a good time to meet the butterflies from the neighbor's garden, they are lucky to have a flower garden which is very good for brainwashing when you want to breathe fresh air.

I really enjoy if I have a rose garden like my neighbors, they are luckier and I am also more fortunate and comfortable with a rose garden whenever I have free time.

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I . nature and use to get out and take pictures alot. I love the roses and your photos are so beautiful

And that's what I can capture when I'm out in the open, thanks for the greeting :)