Rainbow and her natural beauty

in Amazing Nature4 months ago

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I saw a rainbow in the sky with her natural beauty. It's move to Closer when flow air.
i captured by my phone.Its look beautiful.

device : Redmi 9 prime
Location Bangladesh

A rainbow or rainbow or rainbow is a line of visible arc-shaped light caused by the reflection and reflection of sunlight on water particles in the atmosphere. Rainbows are usually seen in the sky opposite to the sun after rain. The rainbow is a combination of seven colors. It is called a rainbow because it looks like a bow.

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It's a bit of a double rainbow as seen from the video. You probably cannot see it if you take photos but the video has it a bit.

Yes there was seen double rainbow in it.I saw it and take picture and video as well as.Need any proof? I have also picture which i was taking before double rainbow video




Yes, it doesn't come out as well in the photos. I think two of them are bit clearer

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