Dissecting Barn Owl Pellets

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I got these pellets for my God Daughter for Christmas and we spent the other day doing them together. It was so much fun!

She thought I had got her a bag of poo as a gift originally haha!

The pack came with these handy instructions and guidelines to help us identify each skeleton inside the pellets.

In hindsight, we should have dissected one pellet at a time but we went all in and did them all at once which made identifying the bones difficult!



We started by soaking the pellets in water to soften them a bit. We then started to separate them and removing some of the larger bones like the skulls.


As you can see we had a lot of skulls in varying size. We believe the one at the top to be a mouse due to its size compared to the others. It is really interesting to see the different lengths of the skulls and compare them.

I think the second down is a shrew due to its length.


This is a lower jaw bone we think this one was a pygmy shrew. I have zoomed in here quite a lot.


These are varying vertebrae some are so tiny! but not as tiny as the bones in the hands/feet.


This is the underside of a skull, with lots of debris still. Needs a good clean.


A different angle of a skull, the size of the incisors.


Next is the small bones, unfortunately, I can't find a photo of them separated out however in that mix is thigh bones, hip bones, finger/feet bones.


Overall it was very educational, fun and certainly kept us occupied for hours.

The plan is to complete a skeleton and add it to a box frame.

 7 months ago 

This is actually quite fascinating and educational.

Where did you get the pellets?

It really was!

I got these from Ebay I just searched for Owl Pellet Pack I think it was.

I believe some Owl Trusts sell them as well.

 7 months ago 

I didn’t even know they sell that stuff. Lol

That's eerily fascinating. Was there only one skeleton per pellet or more?

Apparently so, which is what I didn't realise, I now have been lead to believe that it is one pellet per meal therefore one skeleton per pellet.

Well, you really do learn something every day!


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Wow quite fascinating I did chuckle a bit when I saw the first pic and the headline but actually very fascinating

Ha ha glad it made you laugh.

It really was. I couldn't recommend this enough =D

Nice :)

Thank you =D

It definitely would have looked like you got her a bag of poo XD

That looks really cool! (though I don't know if my middle child would be able to stomach the exercise, she might be fascinated enough to watch her brothers do it maybe XD) Looks like a fun biology lesson :D

Do you have a curios cabinet or similar to display the little skeletons in when you've reassembled them?

It certainly did look like poo. She said only I would get her that for Christmas ha ha

I must admit it was a tadge smelly. Oddly I didn't notice at the time but when we got in from a walk I noticed the odour!

I need to get a curiosity cabinet. It's on my list =D

Glad you enjoyed the read though