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in Amazing Nature4 months ago

Oh boys it´s like watching a whole documentary about nature. The amount of top notch wildlife shots that you can put in just one post is truly impressive. Seriously, how much time do you spend on a massive post like this one? :) At least a couple of hours I bet...


He,he ... true, a few hours for sure ... although I do it in small chunks throughout the day, in between other work and stuff, so in some sense doesn't look so long :D and in some other sense it looks like the whole day was needed. I putt together a couple of photographs and some text, then I go to cook and eat something ... then another couple of photographs and some text, and feed the cats ... and so on :D

There you go, that´s a cool way not to get overwhelmed with work :D I am just working on a pretty massive photo series myself (100 photos) so I might try your technique :D