Once the swallows are gone we will all be in danger.

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From the article, the Silence of the Bugs. An Armageddon.

Did you know that for 2 years after a swallows birth they never land?

True as they fly constantly, eat flying bugs and they even sleep in flight. The reason for this post is that I want to show you the danger that the disappearing insects present to the birdlife and consequently for us as human life.
Note that the rest of the photos are all my own.

Here is the Greater Striped Swallow (Cecropis cucullata) collecting mud for their nest.

It is well named. In relation to its size, it has an enormous mouth surrounded by an almost useless little beak. There’s a reason for this. It needs its beak only to roll mudballs to make a nest when it eventually comes down to earth to breed (it’s impossible to incubate eggs in mid-air) and to offer tidbits to chicks. For the rest it catches insects on the wing by diving at them with a gaping maw.


But in many parts of the world these days, one swallow – or maybe two or three – is all you get. They’re in deep trouble. The reason has to do with the Silence of the Bugs.


The reason is that we’re running out of them and very few scientists are marking their passing. Biology these days happens in the DNA lab. As a result, there are fewer and fewer field biologists to raise red flags about insect decline. But if swallows could, they would.

What’s happening is in fact an insect Armageddon, particularly in developed countries.



A study over 27 years in 63 protected areas in Germany found an alarming 82% decline in flying insects and a 76% decline in all insects. Africa’s not so bad, but the bug-on-your-windscreen test suggests we’re still in trouble.

In a detailed study over 20 years, Danish etymologist Anders Møller found the abundance of flying insects killed on windscreens decreased by more than 80%. Lower abundance of insect windscreen splats correlated with lower numbers of three species of aerially insectivorous birds, particularly swallows, and the rate at which they fed their nestlings.

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So what will happen to all of us once all of the insects disappear? This will interupt the eco-system and the skies will be empty with no birds in sight. It is stated in the article that mankind will then last for only a few months, as the food chain will collapse.

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First I was amazed they fly constantly fir two years and was WOW
Then reading about the lack of bugs was a scary WOW we are really messing up the planet and need to turn it around before it’s to late

Thank you JJ and yes, you are right as some birds are already disappering from certain areas and that only means that there are no insects in those areas.

Sounds like a perfectly legitimate reason to spread global fear.

Thank you my friend and the purpose is not fear, it's rather awareness so that global care of the planet can increase.

That's your interpretation. As is mine and maybe one or two others. I see it the exact same way they did the mosquitos in Parker, Arizona. They killed mosquitos so tourists would bring their boats to the river. What happened? The bats were overbearing and caused havoc.

Unfortunately all the rest of the world needs is a little cough and fear spreads like personal security ammo in South Africa.

Edit: I just got a mention from combination. How cool is that?!

Have I ever told you that you are a good man @dandays?
I am totally agreed and of course I respect your opinion and any others. My prayer is that the world will wake up and that we can repair the damages.
In fact I have just done another post on the matter 10 minutes ago.

Who is combination ? 😉

I sure do appreciate that @papilloncharity. I got nothin but good things to say of you as well sir. The world could more you's!

Like I said, you are a good man my friend.

Cheers and !BEER

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I agree it's been a while since I seen one I didn't see any bird's recently I really miss my child hood when you could spot one anywhere

Oh yes and I also remember long times ago, but the damage is increasing every day.

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I have faith that the insects can repopulate should they be given half a chance! They are surely one of the creatures able to survive almost anything.

Me too, but we have to give them the opportunity to repopulate my friend and at the rate that we are going it's only going to get worse.

Cheers and !BEER

It will get worse, but we won't entirely kill them off. Some species are even hardier than we are.

Especially the cockroaches as they arec said to have survived for millions of years. Before they are gone we will all be long gone.




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Isn't it a wonder how a bird would fly precisely for two years without landing? Like I was doing the two years calculations in my head and also imagining myself running non-stop for that period of time or prolly less and figuring out that I'll just collapse on the way but then a bird is able to fly non-stop. Wow. Nature won't stop surprising me.

As for the loss of insects, hmmm! It's true we're running out of them plus nowadays in my area I don't see birds flying around maybe that's a major cause! I see....

Thanks for the information. It's really helpful at least I've gotten to know what I never knew. !PIZZA

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Yes, it is indeed amazing and nature is gull of surprises my friend.
In many areas here the birds are also gone my friend and the world needs to wake up.
Glad that I could give you some newc information.

Cheers and !BEER

Oh thank you for the beer 😊


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Chemtrails, cell phone towers, pecticides, emfs, i wonder which is doing the most damage?

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Thank you and all serious issues my friend. It's got to stop somewhere or else.

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