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RE: Beautiful and Gleaming "Carabus Hispanus" 🐛 Founded in Ardèche, France [EN - FR]

in Amazing Naturelast year

Beautiful capture of this beetle, I like the iridescent bright colours… 😎 pretty cool.
Such a beautiful surroundings too.


yeah, all that afternoon was blessed !... as every moment I’m sure when we’re fully aware, but this moment was maybe easier to spot on 🙃

Good to hear @anttn 😁
Yes, these moments are easier to spot with those special colours 😎
Have a wonderful day today 👋🏻☀️

that's for sure :)

it was quite a good one, thanks you <3
... and I hope for you as well !

Wishing you a very nice weekend too !

Thank you so much @anttn 👋🏻😁