Red-eyed insects & webbing clothes moth

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Hi everyone, everyone in the amazing nature community. Yesterday my hunting buddy and I were looking for something in the bush. We arrived at one of the oil palm plantations under which there were ankle-deep weeds. Our aim was indeed to have a pre-planned hunt.

Our plan is to find some macro objects that we can shoot. Insects and fungi are our targets.

And in between I was photographing several species of fungi a very small insect appeared on the side, an insect I had never seen before, an insect whose body was like a mosquito and its eyes were red.

This is truly a unique insect, and I searched through several references on google lens but I couldn't find a name for a unique insect. so I gave it the name of the red-eyed insect.

Although I don't know the name of this insect but I don't want to miss sharing it with you, and who knows some of us who know I really hope to tell me in the comments column.


Next again are some photos of moths. When it comes to moths, I think there are many types of moths. I've found some of them in different forms, both in terms of body shape and name.

Yesterday alone, I found them two types, fox moth for the first time I found. And this is Webbing clothes moth.

Here I have shown some cute photos of its which is beautiful elegant.






CameraOppo Reno6 + Macro Lens
CategoryMakro Photography
LocationAceh, Indonesia


Thank you for the support:)

Love that unfamiliar insect, I like how you captured it. Still, I can't recognize jt. I mean, I am sure I never seen it before 😲🤩

Thank you, I'm glad you like my shots. The alien bugs were really cool, but they were too wild and I could only take two photos of them. I hope they come back so I can shoot perfectly :)

beautiful pictures captured 😍

Thank you 😊