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RE: Beautiful and Gleaming "Carabus Hispanus" 🐛 Founded in Ardèche, France [EN - FR]

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We appreciate your work and your post has been manually curated by zoology team (oscurity,nelinoeva) on behalf of Amazing Nature Community. Keep up the good work!

Hello, it's a great post, nice photos and we loved that you made the taxonomic ID! My question is how did you know it was that particular species? What did you use to identify it? did you know in advance? or did you use any photo to compare? we have new rules that everything that applies a scientific approach must be supported by some scientific support! try in your next post to place the source of identification of the animal! hugs continue with the good content!

2.rule: Always reference the source of pictures and information that you use in texts, even if they are your own .. WE DO NOT TOLERATE PLAGIARISM !

We clearly express that although the content is your property, it must have scientific support! it's easy you just use a web or something where you can support that you identified the species based on: "Xweb".


hi ! thanks you for your support, interest and interrogations :)

In fact, as we were together, it was my brother who found the right species of this insect... I don’t now which taxonomic key he used as he didn’t really told me more than the name !

I also totally understand about the pictures, you can be sure those are mines, but I’ll definitely add a mention on my further articles !

Thanks again for everything 😊