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Sunday morning we were up in time to sneak in a soak before getting the boys up, packing the car, and getting us all on the road to Seattle.


After a 4+ hour drive we arrived at our friend's house in Bellevue where the boys all played with the Nerf gun arsenal that A has at his disposal. We got take out Chinese and visited for a while then we headed to Seattle.


Our destination was the Pacific Science Center that is right below the Space Needle. We parked in the outdoor multilevel parking area nearby headed for the entrance. We had our tickets already so it was a quick entry.



First thing we saw walking in was a MASSIVE tree with the rings labeled like the display in the tree house at Cowels Scout Camp. This one sprouted in I think it was 1362.


One of our primary destinations in the place was their butterfly enclosure that has over 1000 butterflies loose in it that you can walk around and observe. Outside as we waited to be let in they have these displays of various insects.


There were incredible looking butterflies inside and a lot of them I have seen around our farm and in the inland northwest.


The fruit stations had the real beauties that were mawing on the fruit slices.


There were butterflies just about everywhere you look in the enclosure.


We then went through the space area which had a lot of cool info on the planets and exploration. J was quite interested in a lot of it.


The dino area has a couple of slightly animatronic dinos, the allasoraus and the trex both moved their heads.


Outside they have a water fountain area that you can shoot the water cannons at targets and this nifty human powered water wheel.


We finished our time, they closed at 5pm and we left just before, in the tinkering area that had a bunch of hands on stuff. Pvc pipe building, laser cutting puzzle pieces or designs, blocks, Legos, kinetic stuff and this was one the R loved, a jet of air blows out the movable pvc pipe and it can keep a small beach ball rolling in the air above. They both especially loved the vertical fan that would carry paper helicopters spinning up in the air. R almost got his to hit the ceiling way overhead.


We left the science center and had a bit of an issue checking into our room. Finally we got in and after having leftovers from lunch we went to Lantern Brewery for a couple 32oz growlers. We left for the concert at 7:30pm and made it to our seats with more than enough time.



We were the second row from the top but had a wonderful view and the sound ended up being mellow enough the boys didn't need their ear protection.


OMG Puscifer puts on a great show. J was able to stay awake for the whole concert which ran for 2 hours, R made it to just before intermission and he was out like alight. Maynard is very adamant about no phones/photos/vids during the show and for their last song he gives everyone permission to "pull out your stupid phones and video all you want."


I carried R out of the venue and most of the way to car before my arms were extra sore, he is getting bigger and heavier now. He was able to walk the last bit to the car.


After a meh night of sleep we got checked out of the hotel by 9:30 and were headed downtown to the waterfront. We had tickets for the aquarium at 10 am and had just enough time to stop at Seattle coffee to get us coffee and the boys something to eat.


The aquarium was pretty cool. First thing is a massive tank with a diver who answers questions and they talk about the aquatic life of the area. J asked a question about how electric eels make the electricity to which the diver answered, "the way when we rub our skin together and can create a static charge that is what their muscles do." I did not know that.


Some super cool displays, this one was a wave pool and it was funny watching the fish in the school all move with the water as it flowed quickly past them.


The touch pools were super cool and we got to touch the starfish, slugs, anemone, and other creatures.


The fish on the left had been staring at me making the fish face for so long then the moment I tried to get a picture it turned away.


This crab was badass with its bright orange striped body.


The aquarium is on a pier and it has a couple sections. This is looking out into the sound from the walkway to the sea lion enclosure. They have 3 of them that are swimming in a pretty big pool and are not carema shy. They just move fast and can be hard to catch.


They have a cool tank that you walk into the cavernous area that is covered in water and windows and you can watch the salmon and tons of native fish swimming around.


This sturgeon is well over 5 feet long and likely is a 60+ pound fish. I would so love to catch one of those in the local waters here on the east side.


R was rather amazed by its size too.


Such a massive shrimp that doesn't live up to its name. These are 4 to 5 inch long bodies and as long antenna.



We have been making sure to get the boys the pressed pennies for a little while now. We found a collection book for each at some point and have been trying to make sure we get them when we find them. They have at least 4 each now, maybe 5.


On our way out of the aquarium I watched an asian looking woman pull up a crab basket from the railing of the pier and she pulled out a 5 inch wide red crab. That is the big wheel on the pier next to the aquarium. We were not going anywhere near it as it was in the 80s F and would have been an oven in each cabin.


After a hike up the stairs and walking through the Pike market some we got to the Pike Brewery for food. Both @stryeyz and I had the crab chowder and the salad with salmon. Super delicious.


Up by the fish mongers we came upon a pasta booth that had chocolate pasta that she absolutely could not turn down after a small sample.


We left Seattle and headed back to our friend's house in Bellevue to hang out a bit and talk while the boys played. It wasn't until after 4 pm that we got on the road home and after falling in line behind a couple of different cars that were hauling ass we made it home in 4 hours.

I first thing unloaded the car then got the trailer hooked up for the grain run I have to do in the morning.


I then went out and picked the summer squash that were ready and got 9.5 pounds.


My back has a pinch from the sitting driving then going right to picking squash. I am going to bed the moment I get this posted. Tomorrow morning I have to get grain, if my back is okay I will hopefully get the fence hauled up the hill and installed so Jax can run free on acres.

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I loved the aquarium as a child

I got to go to the ones in California as a kid. The Monterey Bay aquarium is huge and they have some absolutely incredible jelly fish tanks.

Sounds like a really wonderful day for everyone! Sorry to hear about your back acting up, just like mine!