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Good day my lovely and wonderful people of #amazingnature community.
Today I will love to share more knowledge about things found so amazing in geology

Firstly I will love to to explain what is geology to us
Geology is can be defined as science that deals with nature and history of the earth. It is also the study of rock

Geology is unique in so many ways that you will learn about the physical, biological and chemical properties of rocks.

Geology is also unique in a way that you learn about exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and so on. There are so many amazing branches in Geology.

Today I will love to share some amazing nature found when carrying out my personal project

My study area covers Ilu Afon in kogi state, Nigeria covering approximately 30km² on a scale of 1:25000. The Geological mapping involved identification of rock It lies within the Igarra Schist Belt.
Though the study area has a rugged topography, it is highly accessible by road and footpaths which helped to easily locate the different outcrops within the study area. Some of the localities were accessed by well-developed footpaths and where parts of the outcrops were covered with vegetation. The major road within the study area is Ilorin-Egbe-Lokoja road.

Some amazing nature I came across are

This is a photograph of migmatite gneiss with folded quartz vein

Migmatite-gneiss at the study area occurs as a ridge and a low lying exposure, the color varies from dark grey to light pinkish color. It comprises of different rock types. The dominant rock type is fine-grained except for the quartz vein that is medium to coarse grained. It is also foliated with the alternation of light quartzo-feldsparthic layers and dark mafic layers. The mineralogy of this rock includes mafic minerals, quartz and feldspar.
Migmatite-Gneiss is randomly distributed and trend North Eastern part within the study area. Joints, folds were observed on some of the outcrops of Migmatite-Gneiss encountered.

My second stop I saw this amazing nature which push me further to study about the outcrop


The Migmatite gneiss encountered here was associated with granite gneiss. The migmatize gneiss is showing ptygmatitic fold which are bending of migmatite veins or layers that has an unfolded fabrics enclosed in a matrix of low savvy of similar folds. The rock is characterized with folds and joints it has some light coloured minerals which is also known as (leucosome) and dark colored minerals which is also known as (melanosome).

This outcrop is showing an intrusion of quartz vein into a granite gneiss


The granite gneiss encountered in this location contains a quartz vein cutting across the rock. The vein is mostly light and there was also an inclusion. There is also a faulted pegmatitic vein which is mostly leucosome, i.e light coloured minerals. The minerals include Biotite, Quartz and Feldspar, with a medium to fine grained texture.



Layers of the earth, interesting to witness rock formations along with all preserved within each seam another story of old.


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Thank you for your love and for reading my post

Peeling back layers of time in rock faces an interesting topic to pursue, have a fun day.

Thank you dear