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RE: Urban mushrooms - Why do not eat them even they could be edible?

in Amazing Nature2 years ago

The top one is indeed wood ear, gruesome but awesome looking thing! We don't eat a lot of mushrooms because they simply taste awful!


You have to try chicken of the woods, that one tastes amazing, just like chicken.

I have heard of that! Never spotted it though. Wouldn't that be a nice alternative to actual chicken

Just keep an eye out for it on hardwoods around the end of September through October. It shows up as a nice bright orange from a distance. The trouble is leaves are usually changing orange around that same time so it gets camouflaged during fall.

I'll do that! Speaking of orange stuff, around here you mostly get (and notice) honey fungus.

Yeah they honey mushrooms are tricky there's a deadly galerina mushroom that looks similar to the edible honey mushrooms... Even the edible honey mushrooms aren't the greatest tasting and they're a bit woody of a texture, so I never take a chance on them.