She arrived to visit a Sea Turtle

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It was an interesting and beautiful day. Lots of adventures of beautiful and beautiful sea whips. This surprised me very much that he came to visit to greet us


it is a sea turtle

The giant tortoise (Chelonia mydas) is a sea turtle and is one of the most famous species in this family. It is the only species in the genus Chelonia [2]. Earlier, the black giant tortoise was considered a subspecies of the giant tortoise,


very large specimen about 1 meter long and about 60 centimeters wide quite heavy and very dear and beautiful animal


The origin of these names is in the colors of the armor of the animal, whose upper side is mostly in different shades of brown with greenish or dark brown areas. The lower part of the armor ("plastron") as well as the joints with the upper ("carapax") are light yellow.


it must be quite old when these interesting specimens are adhesives working on armor


grew quite large approx. Fi 2.5-3.5 centimeters and some even 4 centimeters


from below it's a nice yellow color I just didn't take photos because I was sorry it was standing on the back of a couple of speed photos


it is quite heavy but careful not to injure it, we crossed it over a ravine and let it into the sea, it swung twice and sailed away with its beautiful dive.


I am extremely happy to have seen her and to have come to greet the team at sea of ​​course she ate and obviously what fish does not bother the beautiful turtle of our seas


cute and big sea turtle in the Adriatic Sea came to visit to take photos to appear here on Hive and continue further in its marine life


with photos and text that are mine and returning the sea turtle that I returned to the sea where I was extremely happy let me not be sorry that it swam away quickly I did not have time to take pictures give a part this is all

Until the next adventure edition


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Thanks a lot I try :)