SUMMER DAYS IN THE FOREST - part two ... for the Amazing Nature Contest - June 2020 - #05

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One of the amazing things about the forests here in my area, in this hot and dry period, is the feel of emptiness ... especially around noon...
IMG_8604 malo.jpg
... you can hear a lot ... the birds are singing many melodies, the cicadas are very loud ...
IMG_8595 malo.jpg
... but everything is well hidden and camouflaged, so at moments it feels like no animal is there, just some machine that plays audio illusions.
IMG_8664 malo.jpg
It takes time and concentration to find the small inhabitants ...
IMG_8676 malo.jpg
... and some of them are surprisingly colorful ... like this Lilioceris lilii ... that feeds on various plants of the Liliaceae family ... so is present in many gardens too.
IMG_8547 malo.jpg
Crematogaster scutellaris ants are hunting and scavenging on the trees.
IMG_8552 malo.jpg
Moths are resting in the shade, waiting for the dusk.
IMG_8631 malo.jpg
This green crab spider ... that looks like a green version of the Goldenrod spider ... is waiting in ambush, near the small shelter made of folded leaves secured with a bit of silk.
IMG_8576 malo.jpg
In the grass under the tree, I found another interesting spider. This one folds the blades of grass, constructing simple but effective shelters, and hides on the lower surfaces of the leaves.
IMG_8573 malo.jpg
This is a shot taken from underneath.
IMG_8575 malo.jpg
I took these photographs about two weeks ago, and this was the first time I noticed this species and its engineering.
IMG_8566 malo.jpg
This species makes orbs between the stems of grass ... or slightly above, on the lower branches of some trees.
IMG_8572 malo.jpg
Here is another species I found on the grass around the trees. This poor spider isn't in the best shape, he lost some legs, and the future for him doesn't look bright.
IMG_8581 malo.jpg
This species of the Oxyopidae family is very widespread, it's a common encounter in various habitats.
This one has caught some small wasp.
Probably one of those wasps responsible for various interesting protuberances on the deciduous trees ... although I don't know the exact species.
IMG_8659 malo.jpg
There is a nice variety of protuberances on the leaves.
IMG_8662 malo.jpg
They often look like elegant sculptures.
IMG_8650 malo.jpg
This is another type of elegant and mysterious shape ... that hangs from the lower surface of a leaf ... I saw it only once, a few weeks ago.
IMG_8653 malo.jpg
It looks like some egg ... egg pod ... cocoon ... I don't know which small arthropod produced this.
IMG_8614 malo.jpg
Some seeds have cool shapes too ... and look a bit like insects ...
IMG_8616 malo.jpg
... ready to fly away. Most of the seeds on this tree form flat pair of two that look like dragonfly wings ... or something like that ... but ...
IMG_8607 malo.jpg
... some form this different structure ...
IMG_8622 malo.jpg
... with three wings.
IMG_8600 malo.jpg
These look like small, elongated leaves ...
... but they are also seeds.
IMG_9035 malo.jpg
You can also find interesting stuff on the ground, hidden in the thin layer of fallen leaves ... like this small, hairy cricket, ad example ...
IMG_9031 malo.jpg
... or a pair of Armadillidium vulgare.
IMG_9030 malo.jpg
They are very common, I see them regularly around my house and garden, so usually I don't feel very inspired to photograph them ...
IMG_9029 malo.jpg
... but this time I had the vague sensation that something interesting is going on ... or it will, soon.
IMG_9019 malo.jpg
And in fact, I had the opportunity to photograph the mating a few minutes later.
IMG_9022 malo.jpg
You never know what you'll find when you go on Macro hunt, that's one of the many great things about this hobby.
IMG_9158 malo.jpg
This jumping spider ...
IMG_9163 malo.jpg
... is running up and down his territory on the small, young oak tree on the border of the forest.
IMG_9144 malo.jpg
I found this minuscule moth on the same tree ...
IMG_9155 malo.jpg
... but this was a bit later ... at dusk...
IMG_8701 malo.jpg
... when many small moths ... of various species ...
... started their activities around the woods.
IMG_8644 malo.jpg
The approaching night brought also many Bush - crickets and their nymphs on the open ...
IMG_8569 malo.jpg
... and I found this corpse of the Scorpion fly Panorpa communis.
As always in these posts on HIVE, all the photographs are my work.


This is nice post :-)

Thanks :)

I'm following your footsteps to strategize about finding these fascinating insects.

:) Have a good day with great findings ... it's a very rewarding hobby, that puts you in contact with nature and its small wonders, that can be found everywhere.




Wow! This is a wonderful land of the tiny insects. Never seen hairy cricket before! We have normal black crickets. Those small spiders have very big eyes! Perhaps they can see very far in the dark.

The last one looks scary like having a machine gun at the butt!


Your photography is amazing! Beautiful all.

Thank you :)

There are too many animal photos. I'm sure you're trying too hard. Your photos are clear and very beautiful.

Thank you :)

This is nice.
Thumbs up

Thank you :)

Very cool photos.

Thank you :)

scorpion fly looks very scary!

True :) like some creepy alien thing.

I don't want to meet it :D


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