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There is a pool, some kind of shallow seasonal pond, near the sea ... only a narrow embankment made of pebbles divides it from the sea. It gets filled with rain and the seawater brought by the wind and big waves ... and is inhabited by an interesting mix of sea & freshwater animals. Now, in the summer, the water evaporates completely, leaving an interesting, desert - like landscape with many biological surprises ... this is a video about them. :) Have a good viewing.

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nice video-post
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Thank you :)

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As always bringing us funny and very interesting posts! great collection of arthropods!

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About the third minute I turned off the video. I am very afraid of snakes, even on video. Still goosebumps.

:) And these are also black ... like some demonic goth snakes ... but relatively harmless, not poisonous, although they hiss and bite furiously when cornered ... fortunately with no poison, all that is a big show without real danger for humans ... :) but it can be an effective and quite scary show.

I look forward to the future post! Those snakes were mesmerizing. I wondered if they were mating or fighting.

Wuderfool post ;))