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Some beetles are feeding on flowers. Each one in its own way.
IMG_6762 malo.jpg
The Blister beetle Mylabris variabilis is chewing the petals of the blue Chicory flower ... while the small, iridescent Oedemera nobilis on the following photograph ...
IMG_7517 malo.jpg
... is enjoying the pollen ...
... in the center of the Bindweed Convolvulus arvensis flower. On these two photographs the small pollen eater looks dark green ... but ...
IMG_7526 malo.jpg
... with the slight change of angle and light ... a bit of copper shine appears on beetle's elytra ... and if we take a look at the insect straight from above, like on some drone - view shot ...
IMG_7553 malo.jpg
... the copper tone prevails ... iridescence is magic :) at least, that's how I experience the thing.
IMG_7542 malo.jpg
A small Flower fly is nectaring on the neighboring Bindweed flower.
IMG_8023 malo.jpg
Back to the Chicory (Cichorium intybus) flowers ... another interesting fly of a very different type is ready too collect some nectar with its long proboscis.
IMG_8218 malo.jpg
A yrrhocoris apterus nymph is wandering among some Dandelion - like seeds ...
IMG_8099 malo.jpg
... while an adult bug of the same species is enjoying the Malva sylvestris flower.
IMG_8242 malo.jpg
Small ants from a large nearby colony ...
IMG_8241 malo.jpg
... are releasing the winged, reproductive kings & future queens.
There is always something on the composite Knautia arvensis flowers ... a caterpillar ...
IMG_8231 malo.jpg
... the crab spider ...
IMG_8235 malo.jpg
... waiting in ambush ...
IMG_8091 malo.jpg
... some robust wild bee ... one of the many species that are buzzing around this area.
IMG_8016 malo.jpg
A lovely bug from the Miridae family ... is barely visible, hidden on the ear of Hordeum murinum grass ...
Then the bug comes out on the open ... and we can take a good look at the lovely heart shaped part of her exoskeleton. There are quite a few bug species here with this heart decorations ... I never before noticed this red one.
IMG_8308 malo.jpg
The wasp mimicking Long horned beetle is resting on the Wild carrot (Daucus carota) flower ... after the intense feeding on pollen and nectar.
IMG_8344 malo.jpg
Some beautiful yellow flowers ... that look like a lot like smaller, more elongated versions of Spartium junceum flowers ... are scattered all around in large, vivid bouquets.
IMG_7895 malo.jpg
The small black Cockroach ...
IMG_7896 malo.jpg
... is hiding on the dried out Broomrape plant ...
IMG_3711 samo MALO.jpg
... and the black ant is shepherding the Elder aphids.
IMG_7791 malo.jpg
The small jumping spider with cute face and alien eyes ...
IMG_7785 malo.jpg
... has caught another spider ...
... a very different kind of spider.
A few pine trees are growing on the edge of the meadow ... and this small Lycaena phlaeas butterfly is resting on one of the fallen cones.
IMG_8117 malo.jpg
The shiny and colorful Malachius bipustulatus beetle is feeding on the tiny flowers of the Plantago lanceolata plant.
IMG_8268 malo.jpg
A small moth is resting on the upper surface of some thick, hairy leaf ...
IMG_8304 malo.jpg
... and a similarly colored Froghopper nymph is hiding on the lower surface of one of those leaves - THE END.
As always in these MEADOW REPORTS on HIVE, all the photographs are my work.


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These are fascinating and very colorful news! :D

:D A parallel alternative that can have some healing properties after too much news from the human world & society.

Very beautiful, the life of insects how they feed and live on plants and flowers. Al Jump the spider is a very cute little one with those eyes :-) , :D

OOOO that white crab spider is pretty cool.

:) And there are many variations ... from yellow to pink

Looks like the white guy picked the wrong color flower. He needs to trade places with the pink spider to be able to catch more bees.

:D True, is funny how sure and competent in the skill of camouflage he looks, and yet is completely visible !

That Blister beetle turning copper like that was really cool! What a nice color!

The rest of the photos were each fascinating in their own way.

Thank you :)

You are so right about the heart shape on the lovely bug from the Miridae family! That thing reminds me of those little heart-shaped red hot candies. I haven't seen them in a while. Idk if they're around anymore. They may only exist one the backs of beetles now. Who knew?

Another great post. Really incredible photos. Do you really do a regular MEADOW REPORTS on HIVE?

:) I checked on internet to see the little heart-shaped red hot candies, because here where I live this type of candies wasn't available in the stores. It's a lovely package. And yes, that heart on the back of the bug is a clear reminder.
Glad you like these photo reports from the meadows ... this is actually only the second ... I will try to publish them once or twice in a week ... approximately.

A great selection of images featuring a wide variety of invertebrates. I particularly love the Crab Spider (Misumena vatia?), I still havent managed to find one of these myself. Also love the Wasp Beetle and and the small jumping spider with it's prey. Great work, thanks for sharing with us 😀

Thank you :)

The Crab spider could be the Misumena vatia ... but I'm not sure because there are some similar species present here, and then the color also may vary inside the same species ... :) so is a bit too much for me to be sure about the species. Thomisus onustus could also be a candidate.

Thats a fair point, in the UK this would be M. vatia we have nothing else like it. I forget that in other countries there are different species available to 'choose from' when trying to ID individuals