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I was walking along the coastline, surrounded by a multitude of flowers ...


... there were these minuscule blue flowers ...


... of the Myosotis ramosissima plant ...


... that covers large parchments of terrain near the coastal rocks ...


... and these other, slightly larger blue flowers ...


... of the Anagallis arvensis plant ... flowers in the sunny places were open ...


... and those in the shade were closed ...


... from a certain angle, in the subdued light, these little blue flowers look very elegant.


This red flower, shaped just like the blue one you saw on the previous shot ...


... was photographed on the same kind of plant ...


... the Anagallis arvensis ... and on the following picture ...


... you can see the wide - open red Anagallis arvensis flowers enjoying the sun ... and take a wider look at the mix of plants that grow on that coastal terrain.


The colorful Spilostethus pandurus bug was crawling around the Sonchus asper plant ...


.... this big furry caterpillar ...


... of the Lasiocampa Trifolii moth was chewing some clover ...


... the Dysdera crocata, a woodlouse spider, was slowly walking across a parchment of terrain devoid of vegetation ... he stopped and crouched for a moment when I got close with the camera, so I was able to take this shot ... the following photograph ...


... was taken when the spider was ready to crawl again ... but this time he started to run really fast, so after this shot I had no chance to take another before he disappeared in the grass.


Some minutes later I saw a minuscule lump of earth ... that was moving ... in one short moment, the head of a larva appeared underneath ... I was able to take only one shot before it disappeared again ...


... here I cropped the image considerably to make the details more visible.


There was a hole in the ground nearby, and the small lizard appeared at the entrance ...


... took a look at the surroundings ...


... and when was reassured that no danger is present around ...


... the lizard was ready to take a relaxed sunbath. This is the Podarcis sicula wall lizard.


Not far from there, on the similar terrain, I found this minuscule jumping spider. I don't know if this is a very small species or a juvenile spider. I never saw it before.


This colorful larva that looks a bit like some kind of extravagant sea cucumber is the caterpillar of the Melitaea cinxia butterfly.


The Coccinella septempunctata has found a shelter on the last year's dried out branch of the Scolymus hispanicus thistle ...


... and the female of some wolf spider (Lycosidae family, I don't know the exact species, quite a few very similar ones are present in the area) was photographed on the young, living Scolymus hispanicus plant while carrying the cocoon with eggs ...


... on this wider, enlargeable photograph you can see that plant ... and its surroundings, the sunny atmosphere of the coastal meadow.


This Pisaura mirabilis spider ...


... was resting camouflaged among the Plantago coronopus plants ...


... this is another plant that covers large parchments of terrain near the sea ...


... and often grows in small natural gardens in between coastal rocks ...


... here you can take a better, more up close look at the tiny flowers ...


... I noticed a minuscule grasshopper nymph ...


... in the interesting, slightly surreal macro landscape ...


... created by these plants ...


... here the young grasshopper is cleaning his eye ...


... after this shot ...


... I photographed the lovely, edible and very aromatic Thymus pulegioides plant ... here the flowers are still closed ... while on the following shot ...


... some flowers are open ...


... here you can take a better, more up clo0se look at those small, fragrant flowers.


This is the equally small flower of the Cerastium fontanum plant. After taking this shot ...


... I was walking back to my car ... across the meadow with taller vegetation.


I photographed these Anthyllis vulneraria flowers along the way ...


... and that's all for today ... because soon I was driving home ... as always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work ... and as always in this NEWS FROM THE MEADOWS series, they were all taken today.


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Cute baby grasshoppers, it is bashful of the camera.

Hi @borjan ,The photographs are incredible, they have an excellent quality, this one fascinates me, you can see every detail, the petals, everything is spectacular.

A happy start to the week

How beautiful and charming this post works with those tiny beautiful flowers that give me the strength to forget the pain in my finger while holding my cell phone and watching this post ,,, really wonderful ;))

We appreciate your work and your post has been manually curated by @redheadpei on behalf of Amazing Nature Community. It will be added to the next weeks botany curation post. Keep up the good work!

You captured not only the meadow flowers but amazing little critters. I usually curated only the botany posts but will add this delightful one.

I loved seeing those tiny delicate flowers on the plantain. I had no idea that's what their flowers looked like. I really love looking at your macro photos of plants and insects. They are so interesting!

Thanks :) Glad you like these photo - reports from the nature in my area.

How nice to see these photos of the unique microcosm again. Despite the fact that I have already seen a lot of your publications, I never cease to be amazed at the beauty of this wonderful world.

I'm also always surprised with something new every time I walk around woods and meadows ... especially in this part of the year.

Hello dear friend @borjan good day
Your walks are always very entertaining, you live in a place surrounded by nature. Incredible everything you have found and could take pictures. Excellent shots. I loved how the lizard posed for your photographs
I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful photographs
have a great week

Thanks :) Nature is very vivid these days here, it's a nice refreshment after the pretty dull winter. I wish you a great week.

Hi my friend @borjan, your photos are wonderful.
The details of each image are amazing, the texture, colours, contrasts, everything ......, until the spider looks great.

Thanks for showing life on a different scale ,that often goes unappreciated and that your inspiration and photographic lens, present it like a dream!

Thanks :) glad you like this little fragments of nature. This is my favorite outdoors activity, searching for small scale biological treasures to photograph.

Nice photography.

Thanks :)