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The following photographs were taken during the springtime of 2015 ...


... i the fields ... meadows ...

DSC05693 malo.jpg

... and small oak groves ...

DSC06152 malo.jpg

... just outside my hometown ... after the last line of houses ...

DSC06634 malo.jpg

... and farms.

P1740032 malo.jpg

There is a lot to see and enjoy during that colorful part of the year, after the dull winter.

DSC06106 malo.jpg

Flowers are sprouting ... this is the Muscari comosum ...

DSC06073 malo.jpg

... and many insects are active out in the open, after months of absence ... this is the Graphosoma lineatum shield bug.


Some seeds also look pretty cool ... like this spiral one ... of the Medicago orbicularis plant.

DSC05236 malo.jpg

This caterpillar is living and feeding on the meadow ...


... and a bit further ... among the trees ...

DSC05261 malo.jpg

... there is another caterpillar ...

DSC05264 samo MALO.jpg

... that feeds on oak leaves.


It has a pretty good camouflage on fresh green foliage.

DSC03708 malo.jpg

This interesting plant that grows on stony area of the meadows, among the short grass and moss ...

DSC04013 malo.jpg

... is the Sedum sexangulare.

DSC04147 malo.jpg

Here you can see some long grass swaying in the gentle wind.

DSC04411 malo.jpg

The longhorn bee (Eucera longicornis) is resting on the long leaf of that grass.

DSC05692 malo.jpg

In the shade of a small group of elm trees ...


... I found this egg ... of some small bird.


While walking through these fields ...


... divided by low dry stone walls, that are there just to define the property not to keep something or someone in or out ...

DSC05702 malo.jpg

... I usually pick something for lunch or dinner ... there is plenty of aromatic, self - seeding food around in springtime ... here you can see the fresh asparagus and fennel sprouts.


This shield bug has a good camouflage on the bark of the trees ... but here on the green, it's pretty visible ... which is good for photography.

DSC04142 malo.jpg

Many small orchids are growing in stony places with short grass. This is the Bumblee bee orchid (Ophrys bombyliflora).

DSC03698 malo.jpg

This is the Pink Butterfly-orchid (Anacamptis papilionacea)

DSC05333 malo.jpg

This wild bee ... I don't know the exact species ... is resting in the typical pose, hanging on the leaf of grass.


This fly is feeding on the yellow flower of the Spartium junceum shrub.

DSC05272 samo MALO.jpg

Here you can see another, much smaller fly, resting on the meadow.

DSC05290 malo.jpg

Some climbing plants, while growing and crawling on surrounding vegetation ...

DSC05293 malo.jpg

... form these lovely grabbing spirals.

DSC06139 samoMALO.jpg

This is another orchid, the Serapias vomeracea.

DSC05628 malo.jpg

Here you can see a line of shrubs and small trees that form a barrier around the meadow.

DSC06221 malo.jpg

This is a small, colorful detail from the young elm tree.

DSC03348 maloSAMO.jpg

Here you can see some pumpkin spider ... I don't know the exact species ... with its prey. On the following two photographs ...

DSC05307 samoMALO.jpg

... you can take a look at two different pumpkin spider species ...

DSC05314 malo.jpg

... from the same angle and prospective.


Sometimes the insect land on me while I'm rambling around. This looks like some leaf beetle species.


This is the composite flower of the Plantago lanceolata plant.


This is the Capnodis tenebrionis ...


... a jewel beetle species.

DSC06230 samoMALO.jpg

This is a feather of some small bird ... a bird, that is at least partially yellow.

DSC06679 malo.jpg

This small brown - yellow leaf has fallen on the much larger leaf underneath. The small leaf on the following photograph ...

DSC06669 samoMALO.jpg

... has ended up on the ear of some grass.


This is an old, dried out sack of some puff mushroom.


Here you can see the Aelia acuminata shield bug ... and on the following shot ...


... some small moth hidden in the tall grass.

DSC06527 samoMALO.jpg

And now ... with this lovely small flowers ...

DSC05696 malo.jpg

... with fresh green foliage ...

DSC03677 malo.jpg

... and the horse ... is time to end this walk through the fields around my hometown.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


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Thank you :)

I miss wild asparagus, you can't find it here in the north of Europe.

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They have a memorable aroma :)

You are blessed to live in such a place, those of us who love nature and photography, this is paradise.
your images as always are incredible. I really appreciate that you let us know
stay safe and take care dear friend @borjan

True :) Is great to have wild plants and animals at hand, and some natural places to walk around and explore ... all this emanates plenty of good vibrations.

I often say that for observers, nature gives us beautiful things for the eyes, which stimulate the soul. enjoy your surroundings very much dear friend

Lovely photos of nature under the warm sunshine. It’s so nice that you could find food in the fields!

Some insects are just too good in disguising as leaves! LoL

:) True, some insects look more like plants than the plants themselves.

हमेशा की तरह लाजवाब फोटोज़ 👌👌👌

धन्यवाद :)

Amazing captures of insects and plants.

Thanks :)