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There is always something interesting to catch and put on the photograph in the short period of time when the daytime is ending and the darkness of the night is approaching.


These shots were taken a few days ago ...


... along the way from my favorite stretch of coastline, where I spent the afternoon, to the car parked about half kilometer from there.


The narrow, dusty road is bordered by various vegetation ...


... tall dry grasses ...


... and thick green walls made of blackberry shrubs ...


... where I photographed this scarce swallowtail (Iphiclides podalirius).


The butterfly was nicely calm and easy to photograph, unlike in the light of the day when it's active and hard to catch.


This photograph was taken at the beginning of that little journey to the end of the day. The nursery web spider, Pisaura mirabilis is guarding the cocoon inside the silky tent built under the folded leaf of the golden thistle (Scolymus hispanicus).


The seeds of the wall barley (Hordeum murinum) are completely developed and ready to fall on the ground ... or to get attached to clothing of people passing by.


When the plant is in this phase, you can find interesting and quite photogenic combinations of dried out inflorescences and falling seeds.


Each one has its own character ... somehow.


Various dandelion - like seeds are floating around. This one ended up caught by the thread produced by some spider ... and on the following photograph ...


... you can see a couple of seeds attached to a folded straw of some grass ... probably the creation of this nicely stylized, minimalist installation was helped by some spider or caterpillar silk.


Here you can take a quick look beyond the wall of shrubs, at the calm sea of the bay and the small fishing boat passing by on its way back to the port.


As the evening is getting darker ...


... some short-lived, but pretty cool combinations of shapes and colors can appear low above the horizon.


When the night is almost there, some moths are getting active around the flowers that have recently lost their petals and are ready to become berries in a couple of weeks from now.


I don't know the name of this small species.


The Neoscona adianta spider has the Zygaena filipendulae moth in his web, this moth species is active during the day.


The wild carrots (Daucus carota) are in bloom ...


... and their composite flowers look like relatively large carpets made of many minuscule flowers ...


... these are still closed ... buds can be pink or red, beside white.


Some inflorescences have a red flower ... or a small bouquet of red flowers in their center, an additional colorful attraction for insects.


These flowers look great when photographed with the flash, when de background is dark and their intricate structure is accentuated. I like these patterns very much.


After the blooming phase, as the tiny fruits are developing, the flat floral carpets turn into interesting, elegantly shaped baskets.


This fly from the Therevidae family, I don't know the exact species ...


... was resting in the dark ... on the leaf of the blackberry shrub.


This grasshopper was resting on the long dried out straw. This is a diurnal species ...


... just like many bees ...


... and wasps ... that spend their night on the tops of various grasses.


Here you can see the biggest wasp in this area ... the Megascolia maculata, commonly known as the mammoth wasp.


And now, with this big bush - cricket ...


... the Tettigonia viridissima, a species that is more active during the night, but can be seen during the day as well ...


... is time to end this evening walk.

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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We appreciate your work and your post has been manually curated by zoology team (oscurity,nelinoeva) on behalf of Amazing Nature Community. Keep up the good work!

Great post as always! epa !! This time we did not see the source, try to place the reference of where you guide yourself to identify each species! hugs we hope to see you soon !!!

Thank you :) For identifying the plants I use this app.

For the insects and spiders ... various internet places ... often I just write a vague term in google search, something like " Green cricket Europe" and then through photo search and various articles I come to the species.
For some, I consult these very useful sites.

Since many times the same species appear in different situations through many posts, I have already memorized a nice catalog of species. In this post this is also the case, beside a few species that I haven't found, the ones that are mentioned were found long ago on aforementioned sites or elsewhere on the Internet.

You are really good in taking pictures! Especially the insects. The butterfly is so nice 👌🏽

Wow! These are very special photos!! The light is beautiful! You have been very busy with your camera! The hot weather is good for you! LoL

:) Especially in the evening when is not too hot, just nicely hot.

Loved this! I liked the sky shots as the light faded.

Hello friend, excellent work. I have seen many times that your night and evening shots are amazing. Do you prefer daytime or night shoot?

Daytime offers more opportunities and is easier ... during the night is interesting, but there is more work for less photographs. Overall I prefer daytime, but sometimes it is more fun to explore the night.

Hello @borjas, your photos are fascinating.
It is very important the night life of nature, the insects and plants you show, many times unknown or ignored.
Beautiful Tettigonia viridissima, green, very green posing for your camera.
The darkness of the night is a very interesting period of life and natural activity.
Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your work.

Thank you :)

Happy day....Regards friend.


Hi @borjan,A varied and quite interesting post, the photos are great, the sunset is a shot that undoubtedly attracts attention, it is fabulous.
I wish you a happy friday

Thanks :) have a happy Friday.