Amazing and beautiful nature: South of Lake Maracaibo Venezuela.

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Dear readers, this time we will participate in an initiative generated by the community @Amazingnature, which allows us to show how amazing the ecosystem that surrounds us can be, I will begin by pointing out that in Venezuela we have a tropical climate where two well marked climatic periods are evident, the rainy period and low rainfall. As for the geographical area where I live, I must say that its beauty lies in its landscapes and agricultural biodiversity, because I am in a rural area where agricultural activity predominates.

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The beauty and the incredible of natural ecosystems lies not only in their landscapes, but also in their biodiversity, that is why we will now take a walk through some agricultural landscapes with a brief description. Let's start by showing some livestock ecosystems with their animals.

- This type of ecosystems abound in the southern area of Lake Maracaibo, the amazing thing about these spaces is that there must be a synergy between the components that integrate it to achieve a balance between soil, plants, animals and of course the man who is part of the natural system that was transformed.

- These ecosystems have herbaceous and arboreal vegetation that play a vital role in feeding the animals and providing them with comfort when they are consuming forage.

Apart from livestock ecosystems we can find agricultural ecosystems where we find a great diversity of fruit crops, some of which will be shown below.

Some of the fruit crops embellish the landscape with their colorful fruits and flowers.

A large number of birds and insects can also be observed, which is an indicator that we are in natural ecosystems that, although they have been transformed, continue to fulfill a vital function.

In this area the relative humidity is high and there are also wetlands where a diversity of plant species develop and some spaces show the beauty of nature.

To finish with the photographic descriptions, the sunsets are also beautiful and very warm.

Dear readers, take this opportunity provided by @Amazingnature to give you a sketch of the biodiversity observed in tropical areas and how beautiful agricultural systems are projected when they are managed in an agroecological way to achieve the balance of ecosystems and enhance production without destroying and polluting our spaces.

Thank you for staying with us until the end, I hope the photographs speak for themselves.

- Important note: all photographs were taken in agricultural production units near the author's area of residence, the photographs were taken by the author and some of the owners of the agricultural systems.

From agrotecnia we reiterate our gratitude to our followers and all the communities that value our agricultural content, this commits us to continue sharing quality information with the whole hive.


Thank you for entering the competition.
Your article introduced us to the agricultural landscape in the tropics :-)


Hi @bucipuci, I am happy to participate and show you the bidiversity and landscape of agricultural ecosystems.

See you later, have a great week.


Keeping livestock in pastures 'mowing' the lawns, while fruits are separated helps, finding balance in nature while farming to feed a population happy this looks a great idea.


Hi @joanstewart, thank you for your valuable comment, what you mention is true, when there is diversification of agricultural systems, we can find fruit trees, vegetables, pastures among others, which generates a greater biodiversity and more beautiful landscape, apart from that, it generates an excellent food production.

See you later, have a great week.

Using cow dung added to compost heap would make the mix exceptional for food production, living with nature looking after our needs as well as the natural, is something we should all be working toward.

It is very true what you mention, we must imitate natural ecosystems from agricultural ecosystems and enhance natural processes such as recycling of nutrients that can be done by incorporating endogenous elements such as bovine manure, as which we are returning a part of the nutrients extracted from the soil.

Thank you for your contribution.

Keeping as natural as possible reaps rewards, allowing wildlife shared living space.

Humans think they own land, it is borrowed something we should always remember, we are all passing through.