Dragonflies, Beetles and Rice Bugs

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A few days ago when I was in the grass area I managed to capture some photos of insects that I will share in this post. Some of the insects that I managed to photograph, of course, I didn't immediately find them in the same location but in several different locations. And below I have uploaded 4 types of insects including:

In the first photo there is Oebalus pugnax belonging to the Pentatomidae family that I found on the edge of a rice field. And indeed this insect is also known as the "rice stink bug". The size is not large even relatively small with the dominant color brown.




In the second photo is Chrysolina fastuosa, a species in the family Chrysomelidae. Even though they are both small in size, the color of this beetle is more attractive than the rice lice above, which is dominated by brown. While Chrysolina fastuosa has a crystal color with a combination of colorful colors attached to its body.






And in the third photo there is a damselfly species with the Latin name Copera marginipes from the Platycnemididae family. I found this (damselfly) dragonfly in a shady, damp location when I was hunting for mushrooms. This location is also not far from puddles because dragonflies cannot be far from clean puddles.



And the last is the dragonfly (Pantala flavescens) from the Libellulidae family. I found this yellow dragonfly in a wild plant located on the edge of the river.



CameraVivo V2040 + Macro Lens
CategoryInsect Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

I always see your works here are very good and very satisfying. I salute you. Macro photos are always perfect. Regards.

Thank you @new-spirit :)
I'm just trying to share the best I can.

I believe you are a professional photographer in the macro field. And I always follow your work my friend.

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Hello @alexa-macro!

amazing post
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