Butterfly (Junonia orithya) & Moth (Aloa lactinea)

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In this post I want to share some photos of butterflies and moths that I found some time ago while hunting for insects in the forest. I found both types of beautiful butterflies in the same location, namely in a remote village in North Aceh, Indonesia.

In the first photo there is the Junonia orithya butterfly, a butterfly from the Nymphalidae family that has an interesting color combination. Although the color on the upper wings is dark blue, the tips of the wings have a mixture of yellowish brown. While on the underside of the wings, the belly to the head and legs are yellowish brown.






Then in the second photo is the Aloa lactinea moth, a moth which is also known as the "red costate tiger moth" and comes from the Erebidae family.

As for the characteristics of this moth has a predominant white color with a slight combination of red on the shoulders and black on the eyes and antennae. While on the upper abdomen is yellow like the color of a tiger.






CameraRealme 3 Pro + Macro Lens
CategoryNature Photography
LocationTanah Luas, Indonesia

the mothball looks very unique and so cool from the motif it is also very elegant, I just saw the color of the mothball like this is beautiful, and your photo taking is indeed very professional

This is also the first time I have encountered this species of white tiger moth. Beautiful, unique and rare.

Thank you @vikar :)

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Krak barang😆

Barang antik :)

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Thank you @hive-127788 :)

Hello @alexa-macro!

nice macros
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Thanks @dna.org :)

Excellent photography on both species, the moth has striking feature colours!

Thanks you @joanstewart

And yesterday I photographed another beautiful moth. I have shared in my latest post. :)

If I have a moment will drop in to look, moths and butterflies have been plentiful here of late as well.

That sure is fun. Let's go hunting!! :)

Some are so dainty at 1 cm from tip to tip of wing if you lucky, then to try capture them for photography when they constantly on the move in the heat of the day.

The most difficult is the type of moth that likes to hide behind leaves. It's really annoying to take pictures of them :)

Bend knees !LOLZ 🙃

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