Female Striped Lynx Spider - Oxyopes salticus

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I noticed a female striped lynx spider in my garden a few days ago. According to the findings of a search on an entomology and nematology website, this species is known by the scientific name Oxyopes salticus (Hentz, 1845).




The lynx spider is small and has a translucent light brown with long prickly legs. As is typical of several arthropods, the spider also contains a pair of pedipalps between its jaws.




The female has a larger abdomen than the male, but on the other hand, the female has a pair of pedipalps that are significantly smaller than the male. This is where the physical distinctions between males and females are found.



Despite not belonging to the family Salticidae , the lynx spider may jump just as quickly as a jumping spider.


Lynx spiders, like the other Arachnida species, are fearsome predators that feed on a variety of insect prey. This spider makes its home and hunting grounds inside the pandanus thicket in my garden.

All of the images here are my own work, taken with Xiaomi POCO NFC smartphone and an assembled external macro lens.


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She's a beauty.

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