Hungarian Glider (Neptis Rivularis)

in Amazing Nature8 months ago

Known as Hungarian Glider or Neptis Rivularis, one of the common species butterfly that used to be seen hovering around vegetation plants. It's such a lucky afternoon to have it on sight for little while on the wild plant, and I straightly tried to get a little closer. Due to this typical butterfly was being active during the daylight, I had to keep the distance if I wanted to take photos. Hungarian Glider belongs to the family Nymphalidae in the genus Neptis. It was often seen perching from one leaf to another, and sinking its half of the body into the leaves. Mostly categorized from smallest to the biggest insect and it can be usually found on the flower and vegetation plants as the common nature of the insect to get some food. Hungarian Glider lives in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, central Asia and the Far East as far as Japan.






CameraNikon D7000
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300