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Customer:"Dominic is not getting any emails!"

Engineer: "The Domain he uses does not have an MX record."
(Every Domain name has has an A record and an MX record. The MX record tells email where to go.)

Customer:"Justine has just said she is not getting emails either! "

Engineer: "The Domain she uses does not have an MX record."

Customer:"Hang on, now Simon is saying he is not getting email either?"

Engineer: "None of them will, the Domain they use does not have an MX record."

Customer:"But they're sending me emails?"

Engineer: "That's because it's internal, you don't need one for that."

Customer:"Rubbish! They're not internal! They're 250 miles away."

Engineer: "We're talking about your network not their location."


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Your average office worker considers email a form of magic. You are supposed to just wave your wand to make it work. They don't want to see behind the curtain.


I often get that: "He's behind you!"

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