Decentralized VPN Achieves 100K Users

We are seeing a move towards decentralization in many areas.

Why should VPN be left out?


The truth is that, since September 2019, plans were in the works to make this become a reality. Now, it was announced there are 100,000 users on the decentralized VPN.

Tachyon, a blockchain-based ecosystem built with the help of proof-of-stake creator, Sunny King, already has 100,000 entities using its VPN.

The company released its White Paper last September. This is now in the beta phase.

VPN provides anonymous web browsing for users. This is a way to protect privacy while also protecting data from websites.

The decentralized world is forming at this moment. Many projects are seeking to integrate blockchain as a means of getting services out of the hands of mega-corporations that are centralized.

At this time, things are very fragmented. Projects are lacking interoperability but that is coming. The first phase is to get the different applications out there and growing. After that, pulling them together will help to provide the network effect.

All of that is being done is looking to add to the adoption of blockchain and decentralization.

This is the case for Tachyon.

V Systems looks to grow blockchain's capabilities using cloud and database technology, King said. Tachyon appreciates this outlook, constructing its solution on top of V Systems' blockchain and jointly working with the outfit.

Projects like this are only adding to the foundation that is being laid.