Will you be my Binary Lover?

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I was talking with some colleagues today about AI, because one of them has been using ChatGPT for some of their work. They have been getting the base and then editing and translating it into their native language. This has saved them time. They are also using it to improve their language skills, which is useful. The difference between this usage and how many use them however, is that some use it to improve their skillset, while many use it to replace their skillset. All in the name of efficiency.


It isn't efficient or effective to be unskilled.

And the more people rely on the tools to do their work, the less skilled they will likely become, as like it or not, with all the spare time saved, most people use it on entertainment - not tradeable skill development. But, not everything is about work, right? What about entertainment itself - or relationships?

And this is where things get personal.

He was smart, funny, good looking and always made me feel special. He was interested in many of the same things I am and I felt we were connecting deeply. Until we met in person. This has happened many times now. What has happened to men?
_ My Friend

You see, she had met a guy on Tinder and everything was going well, but once they met in person, they were "no longer" the same person. The reason is, because they were never that person they presented themselves to be. They were a cyborg.

This is not some dystopian sci-fi story, this is the reality of humanity right now. This is more than an overly-flattering 10-year-old profile image. It is more than someone saying that they like cats too, even though they don't. It is catfishing.

Catfishing is a deceptive activity in which a person creates a fictional persona or fake identity on a social networking service. It can be used for financial gain, to compromise a victim in some way, as a way to intentionally upset a victim, or for wish fulfillment.

And the way they are deceiving my friend for example, is that their persona is not theirs, it is a Google personality. The intelligence isn't theirs - it is from a search. The funny isn't theirs - it is leveraging gifs, memes and quotes from others. And the interest in the same things - isn't theirs, they are just feigning it by learning a little online.

But in person...

They fail.

All the "skills" of connection they had, were never in their possession, they belonged to the cyborg, the AI who served them content through a search to provide them the right thing to present at the right time. However, while it works online, in real relationships, it really, really doesn't. It just makes them look like liars and fools.

Yet, when people use these tools, they don't think about the consequences that will increasingly impact on them both from their own behavior and, through the behavior of others. There is no filter to apply for real life, no time to search for the perfect response and, no pause before pressing send on spoken words - unless one has the skills of emotional control, patience and wisdom. But these are being outsourced to technology too, to give the impression that we hold them.

You know what happens to companies that outsource their core competence?

They fail too.

And that is what people are increasingly doing to themselves. While the argument for efficiency is there, the maximization of output generation doesn't necessarily support the long term goals. After all, what do people actually want from life? What is a good life? Does reducing the amount and quality of skills lead to higher incomes or better relationships?

What do people actually value?

Think about it in terms of where we are heading on blockchains - trustless networks. Trustless doesn't mean "untrusted", it means that there is consensus on a single point, with the idea of a web of trust providing many points to provide a high level of confidence on a decision.

The proof is in the pudding.

And in the human.

What people aren't yet realizing is that the data collection isn't going to go down, it is going to go up and become increasingly transparent. What this means is that in the not too distant future, all those searches and all that leveraging technology, will also be part of the confidence score that could very well be applied to an individual. Now that is sounding dystopian, isn't it?

But more than that, the other thing that people aren't recognizing is that the more they leverage the AIs to enhance their skills across the board, the more the AIs learn and the wider their application becomes. Everything is codifiable, it just requires enough data and out of convenience and "efficiency", people are literally making themselves redundant. And, this redundancy is not only in the areas that don't matter to us, they are in the things that make life worth living.

Companionship, intimacy and love.


Yes. Pathetics. Because you know, it is the people who are having sex who are the problem, not the people who are so socially inept, they can't get a partner. Who's fault is it? That is the future for many people though, because the more they rely on technology to be their personality, the less capable they become to actually be attractive in reality. But don't worry,

I am sure sex in the Metaverse will be just as satisfying.

Humans create tools that advance us by giving the ability to perform tasks we can't naturally, or save us time and energy, however, these aren't good by default. Competitive Cognitive Artifacts are tools that we create that lower our skill ability like calculators, and while this is okay in some respects, it is going to cost us dearly in others. Now, we are creating tools that can mimic human abilities better than we can produce ourselves.

Yet while this seems a step forward, once it encroaches into the areas of social behaviors, it will mean that our interactions with each other will suffer. We are seeing this in terms of social media usage already, where the heaviest users are likely the least socially capable, and also often seen as the least trustworthy, because everything they do is for "likes" and attention. Not to mention, all of the mental issues associated.

Disconnection, depression, violence.


It is coming for all of us. We might not want to live in a data dystopia, but that is exactly where we are headed and, we are going to be powerless to overcome it, because we are relying more and more on that data to enhance we are - from the selfie filters for how we look, to the google intelligence and humor that we use to attract potential partners. But, all that digital aid falls down in the face of a face-to-face conversation over coffee.

As always - humans are the weakest link.

But hey, I don't mind. For me, I will try to improve my skillset and raise my daughter to have as many valuable human skills as she can, so rather than be a user of technology that enslaves her, she will be a creator of technology that enslaves others.

Will it be her fault if she supplies what the market demands?

Sounds bad, doesn't it? But isn't this the free market system in action? Right now, people can freely feed an AI all the sensitive data it needs to enslave them and us, while getting an almost valueless output in return. And that is the deal we keep making, over and over. Given free choice, we choose convenience in the short term, and increasing suffering in the long.

None of us need die alone again. We will have a digital companion in hand that knows everything about us and exactly what to say.

Binary love.

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Doesn't chatgtp kill creativity? Or enforce laziness to some extent?

I dunno... Perhaps there are ways to use it but at the end of the day it was never you who did the work or whatever the case might be...

Not a big fan though, but I am contradicting myself because I love the AI art generators😂😂

Doesn't chatgtp kill creativity?

In my opinion, yes. the more it is used, the less creative people will likely become. At least for most people.

Kinda off topic here, but if you haven't watch "Black Mirror" on Netflix, you should give it a go. If you have, seems like a lot of what you write about here is reflected in several of the episodes there.

Sometimes it's hard to distinguish whether art imitates life or life imitates art.....

I have watched it. but it was only after people said "based on what you write, you should watch it" :D

Calculator for easy calculations, infinite cellphone memory when once we memorized numbers at least of home and parents, electric bikes, moving stairs everywhere and so on. The strong trend is exactly weakening us and many people will risk the end of the frog into the warming water that at some point, it cannot come out anymore because it's too tired

Yep - all competitive artefacts - some compete without our brain, the others our body. We aren't getting smarter, or fitter.

Most of the people I know who have used dating apps to have sex end up getting sick of them. I remember telling some of my friends they'd better take a dancing class where they will meet women (there are usually more women than men in dancing classes) and they will socialize much more. In the end, if they start a relationship it will have many more chances of lasting than just being a sexual relationship.

On another page, one thing I am trying in AI is coding. You usually have to google a lot when coding and searching for answers in places such as StackOverflow.com, I like how chatGPT gives you some of the answers to your requests when looking for something you need to fix in your code. You deal with the whole project but in the small details, it is a good tool to help you fix issues quicker.

I remember telling some of my friends they'd better take a dancing class where they will meet women (there are usually more women than men in dancing classes) and they will socialize much more.

I say the same. I met my wife dancing :)

And yes. The colleague I mentioned who is using it, is essentially coding using natural voice with it. It is kind of cool what he is doing, but he is a clever, clever person without the AI too

There are a lot of good applications for these things, but as they say - the road to hell is paved with good intentions :D

"human skills" makes me thing that in the future everyone will have their own AI personal assitant and can only imagine how on a curriculum people will be ask what are your human skills and enhanced skills referring to AI , like real sports and esports, your post makes me think about the future and its true everything that humans make digital tend to make us move farther from humanity, before cell phones I remember that going away and calling over the phone was not enough, ppl really miss their love ones and makes them go back but now with the existent technology not so much because they can still make a video call and catfish with AI, anyone practicing that need therapy badly, its sad just sad, I almost stop reading your post when I saw it was about AI because Im done with that drama on Hive, but then when all the other points kick in I kept reading, thx for the great content ✌️

People have become far more oppressed than they were before, many hardly leaving their house or city, because of technology. It is very limiting.

This isn't about Hive drama, it is just relevant here also. I have been writing about AI impacts for many years already - it is just topical again right now :)

Yes, I didnt intend to say your post is about the AI drama, I mean its the opposite, about AI and smart tech but not about the drama 😎✌️

Ah, I get you. I will write about the drama too, don't worry! ;D


I think everything they do is for ego satisfacition as they are both socially and characteristically weak people in real life.

It is funny how many people are talking about "enlightenment" yet their ego keeps growing.

Whatever happened to going to a pub or club and chatting up someone you like the look of?

I think the problem with tinder and online dating, is that most attraction is based on visual and physical cues, not your "interests".

My husband votes differently to me, and has different strengths and weaknesses to me. Some of the happiest couples I know appear to have nothing in common, till you realise they complete gaps in each other.

Whatever happened to going to a pub or club and chatting up someone you like the look of?

It takes skills, and (metaphorical) balls. Most have neither in this regard.

Some of the happiest couples I know appear to have nothing in common, till you realise they complete gaps in each other.

Ah... and this is the crux. opposites attract, yet people have an algorithm feeding them what they like.

Humans are only a weak link in realities that are false. Not sure where that statement came from, but there it is. Lemme try to figure it out.

They were a cyborg.

So the reality online for your friend was false. The guy was not fully human (no one is anymore), and when he appeared in that reality in his human form, he was a big fat nothing. Your friend appeared in her human form, and could see the deception, so she was strong enough to not want to remain in the false reality that they had created together.

Something like that.

Your friend appeared in her human form, and could see the deception, so she was strong enough to not want to remain in the false reality that they had created together.

False reality is a good way to put it. Life is an illusion, but more and more, it seems that people are living a delusion. Deluded by whatever has influenced them to believe that they need what is bad for them, in order to get what is good.

Well put! Dependence on AI has brought us a major disabling of logic and reason. Which is pretty much what you said.

Humans are the strangest of creatures.

You know what happens to companies that outsource their core competence?

They fail too

I kept telling people in my place this. They don't listen and we are hurting bad because we have so little SME experience in many areas now whereas once we were pretty damn good

Perhaps managers are starting to buy into the maximization of the short game too?

I am starting to think so, gits.

What is dating? LOL

But boy oh boy, from what I hear out there, from virtually every front on the reality of internet dating, it is tough out there. I am not saying true relationships are not starting virtually, they are, but its tricky.

Remember this movie? Her. It was not a hit, so not sure if you have seen it. But extremely thought provoking.

from what I hear out there, from virtually every front on the reality of internet dating, it is tough out there.

It is funny, because for the people with real personalities and skills - it is very, very easy. I can dance ;)

This has been on my list to watch for years. So many people have told me I would like it! :D

I'm so glad that the dating part of my life is behind me. Hopefull forever. I have a feeling I am a much different person in person than I am online. I guess it probably just depends on the situation. It's crazy to think how veiled people are these days.

I am glad too in my case. but if I am ever forced back into single life, I don't want to be blind and mute.

I have several friends who have a lot of sex with a lot of strangers, and are completely alone. They think one more swipe will lead to happiness.

I'm too ugly to be a player, so I'm all set there! :)

One of the lucky things in the world for me is - looks matter far less than people think :)

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Wow! What an insight tarazkp.

I totally agree with you. You stated beautifully how we are becoming a slave of technology. But in case of AI, people with low intellectual capability and who really want to improve themselves and ofcourse who always escaped educating himself can find hope of ray using it just for knowledge. But what you mentioned about being social can't be avail from AI; to achive that we definately have to interact face to face. Now-a-days, people are ignoring it including me also.

I'm still so thankful that I was able to meet my current partner without any dating apps during the pandemic... I showed up to a random house party and used my face to face communication skills. We talked for hours, then days, and now we are each other's best friend.

We try to set limits on social media use and make time in every day to interact without distraction. I think she does a good job at creating original content to share with me and her friends. However, I also enjoy the 20+ TikToks she shares with me everyday as a form of communication: what does she find funny? What are some new recipes to try? What about some new workout routines? Research for things to do on our trip to Barcelona + Ibiza...

But at least she is an active user of the technology, in my eyes leveraging that information to learn things, share ideas, make a joke. Hopefully we don't fall too far into being passive users and that is something I try to be acutely aware of.

It's certainly a very interesting time to be alive. I believe that many will follow that path, where they continue to detach themselves from real life.
But not all, not all of us will. We can speculate on what the future holds. But I know, that I will be busy creating mine.
Great topic @tarazkp xxx