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RE: Becoming The Numbers

in HODL2 years ago

This is something that is under discussion on Leofinance. I would expect that we see a new rep system for this site.

As for Hive, it is not perfect. You nailed it that some of the early players were able to game the system. At this point, it seems like that is little point of even looking at the rep. Of course, if one does, it will give an idea of the range someone is in. Perhaps it could tell something but there is no guarantee.

I am not sure that anyone developed a good rep system out there. It is all subject to pitfalls.

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I also doubt there's any one out there thats "perfect". Eventually it becomes a thing of the mind, or perhaps a personal achievement. I wish it worked as it should though.

Nevertheless, I trust that if its something Leofinance will like to dabble into, it will sure be something to look out for,I do hope so though.

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If Leo is going to rethink the reputation score I hope they will take into account way different metrics other than upvotes. I would definitely add engagement to that equation.

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